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Idea Man
2007-12-28, 11:35 PM
I'm hitting a wall trying to dream up an encounter for my party at sea. They aren't in a sea campaign as such, they're just along for the ride.

I'm looking for something that stands a good chance of wiping out the crew, but not the PCs. Something that they'll have to take out quickly, but carefully.

I have a 16th lvl party: barbarian, ftr/sor/annointed knight, wiz/sor/ultimate magus, and a wiz/archmage. Yes, the archmage has shape spell. Lightning and cold (respectively) are their preferred energy type for blaster spells. Barbarian is a two-hander, knight has a great AC (Yep, heavy armor. Davy Jones is callin' for ya'.)

What can I give them that won't end in two rounds (barring a fit of evil genius)? Fiendish template is definitely an option, and I've considered tooling that to be electrical resistant instead of fire (demonic). Basically, I'm looking for sea critters I can play with, but my knowledge is a bit lacking. Peferably something that can board a ship instead of sink it. :smallamused:

2007-12-28, 11:52 PM
OK, stormwrack. the Aquatic elves wouldnt really work unless you've got evil aboard. The Darfellan hate whale hunters, so if the crew accidentally did it, the Darfellan could retaliate and wipe out the crew fairly quickly. Or my favourite idea, the Aventi. The Aventi are pretty much aquatic humans. They could pass for humans as long as they cover their arms and legs (spines). So maybe the Aventi smuggle aboard, pretend to be nice, but really think the ship is a pirate ship, or raiders, or smugglers, something evil, then some time at night, they attack, not only the ones on board, but also from below. Nets, to drag people over, or whips to do the same. Then after killing a large amount of the crew, have the PC's finally be able to convince the Aventi they arent evil. Then, dunno...


If you want something that could be really tricky, have a pack of maligned Aquatic Elves or something, come towards the ship, riding Ramfish, threaten to sink the ship, then attack anyways. The Pc's must first kill the Ramfish, then jump into the water to stop the Elves from hacking the hull to bits. Since they have no real experience fighting in 3D, you can tear them to shreds.

2007-12-28, 11:59 PM
I think you're looking for scrags here. That high level, the adventurers wouldn't be threatened by them, but they'd certainly eat a few crew members before they go down. I don't know much about the setting, but get a few scrags (and wave your DM wand to make them amphibious instead of aquatic if your players point out that they should be suffocating above water) and you'll mess things up. Especially since they're weak to fire and acid, not cold and lightning. Give them a few character levels (barbarian is always fun, and there's the troll hunter already made for you) and you're ready to go. Maybe they ride in on a giant squid or something to give more threat to those who fall overboard.

2007-12-29, 11:10 AM
Dude, pirates. Several ships, flanking. Broadside and blast the crap out of them with cannons (or ballistas; I don't know what your technology level is looking like), swing across on ropes, engage the crew in the rigging, blot out the sun with hails of arrows and alchemist's fire!

Actually, a really good way to deal with your high-AC knight is with one or more high-level unarmed fighters (no, not monks. unarmed fighters). Have him/them specialize in grappling and simply drag the knight overboard. The only magic item they need is gloves of the Titan's grip, which give them, like, +4 to grapple, then give them Improved Grapple and sic them on the paladin. If you want to get really mean, make them lizardfolk so they can breathe underwater. That way you're sure they can keep him down for as long as is necessary. Or, if you don't want to get physical, hit him with a hold person, and then roll him overboard. I bet his will saves aren't spectacular.

2007-12-30, 01:23 AM
Dude, pirates.

Seconded. Send a pirate crew after them. The crew can take heavy hits both during the couple cannonades, and during the boarding. Have a big strong guy bull-rush the knight off the side of the ship.

And keep in mind that in a world with available magic, and pirate captain worth his salt is going to employ a mage of his own. Maybe even a pixie, since they're pretty much invisible all the time anyway.