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hylian chozo
2007-12-29, 03:52 AM
The plan is simple: Use an illusion spell to mimic a ghost(or other incorporeal creature). Those that view an illusion are not allowed a saving throw unless they interact with it, however, it is generally accepted that a sword will pass through a ghost. So, short of casting [force] spells this illusion is never going to allow a saving throw. How would you rule this? Would a character get a saving throw if they attack the illusion? Or would you rule that they aren't actually interacting if they couldn't hurt it normally? How many ranks in bluff would a caster need to pull this off?
Also, can the "ghost" use it's horrific appearance ability because looking at an illusion is the same as seeing a ghost? I know that horrific appearance is a supernatural ability but a ghost and a fake ghost look exactly the same.
Your thoughts?

2007-12-29, 04:39 AM
It may be able to provide some situational penalties for dramatic effects, yet it would have to be consulted with the DM. If DM is fine with the idea, then why not? :smallwink:

2007-12-29, 09:40 AM
Technically, they'd still get the save. Interaction implies paying enough attention to notice that it isn't real, not doing something to prove that you can't touch it. If a guy's swinging a sword at something, he's watching the way it moves and generally looking at it quite hard because he might get hurt otherwise, so he might notice it's unreal for reasons other than simple the fact that it's intangible.

Even if you can convince a DM that it shouldn't get a save, you get a 50% chance to hit incorporeal things with magic or magic weapons, so if they go through, say, three hits and still don't land one, then they might get to start making saving throws, possibly with a penalty at first that decreases.

And imitating an ability? No. It's flavoured as a visual thing, but it's probably powered by some inherent spookiness from deep within, though in fairness that's just a fluff way of saying, it would make the spell too powerful.

hylian chozo
2007-12-29, 12:08 PM
Yeah, I didn't think the ability would work... But if the weapon is nonmagical they don't get a saving throw. I like the idea of someone with a magical weapon getting penalties on the saving throw.
I mostly plan on using this to scare away weaker enemies or at least cause something to become shaken. What would the will save DC be for something like that? The same as disbelief?

2007-12-29, 12:32 PM
Well the lack of saving throw would depend on how much the attacker knows about ghosts. Someone who's never heard of them or has never encountered something incorporeal would not expect his sword to pass right through the thing and should probably get a save to disbelieve, whether it turns out to be a real ghost or not.

As for the horrific appearance, I think that's more of the ghost ripping it's own face off and what not, and not just it being inherently ugly.

2007-12-30, 01:16 AM
Illusion is best used on things like:

Torches : Instant nonmagical light.
Fog : Illusory fog blocks vision just as well, right?
Solid Ground : Yeah, when they pass through, they'll know... But guess what? They're in a hole!

2007-12-30, 01:35 AM
Wow, how relevant!

The character interacting with the ghost needs to know how Ghosts act to get a saving throw. After all, they typically aren't affected by mortals, so why would they repond to them?