View Full Version : Osteomancer- Viable Gish?

2007-12-29, 07:41 AM
Have you used this class from Dragon Magazine Compendium?
Did you enjoy it?
Do you have an opinion on it?
Do you think it is a viable gish?

Kurald Galain
2007-12-29, 08:05 AM
A whatmancer?

2007-12-29, 08:29 AM
"Osteo" refers to bone. (i.e., osteoarthritis, osteoperosis)

Kurald Galain
2007-12-29, 11:44 AM
Oh, that thing.

No, I haven't played it (I don't particularly like the flavor, actually). However, it is not really a viable gish, because it has neither a full BAB nor a decent casting progression.