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mabriss lethe
2007-12-29, 04:39 PM
Improved deflect arrows:
Prerequisites:Dex 13+, Improved unarmed strike, Deflect Arrows

As the Deflect arrows feat, but the character may deflect an additional number of incoming projectiles equal to his Dex bonus. (thus one projectile for the original deflect arrows feat, and then a number of others as described above)

Deflect spell:
Prerequisite: Base Will save +4, Wis 15+,Dex 13+, Improved unarmed strike, Deflect Arrows, Knowledge (arcana) 8 ranks.

When using the Deflect Arrows feat, You may instead deflect ranged attack spells. The character's total hit dice must meet or exceed the caster level of the spell or else it strikes normally. This deflection counts against the number of projectiles you may deflect per round and is usable with the Improved Deflect Arrows feat. A character with the Snatch Arrow feat, may use it to immediatley redirect a ranged spell back to the caster, but may not store the spell in any way.

Elemental Strike: (an expansion of the feat, Fiery Fist presented in the PHBII)
Prerequisites: Dex13+, Wis 13+, Improved unarmed strike, Stunning fist, BAB +8

As per Fiery Fist and effectively replaces it, but the Character may elect to deal any one form of elemental damage. This feat replaces Fiery fists as a prerequisite and may be taken multiple times, each time selecting a different energy type. Only one type of elemental damage may be added to any given strike.

Elemental Ki Defense:

As per Fiery Ki Defense, except the barrier the character erects is of whatever energy type he choses for his Elemental Strike feat. Only one type of barrier may be erected at any given time.

Accursed Strike:
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Wis 13, Improved unarmed strike, stunning fist, BAB +8, nongood alignment.

When using the stunning fist ability, The character imposes a -2 penalty to Attack and damage rolls, skill checks, and saves instead of the normal stun ability. The save DC to resist remains unchanged but is based upon Will not fortitude. Those who succeed on the save still have a -1 penalty on attack rolls for one round. The duration of a successful Accursed Strike is one minute.

Empowered strike
Prerequisites: Dex 13 Wis 15 improved unarmed strike, stunning fist, BAB 10+, One feat that replaces Stunning fist usage with another ability.

You may empower a strike with multiple effects, using an additional Stunning fist attempt for each. You may even chose the same effect twice, if so, it deals double damage (in the case of elemental strike), or boosts the save DC by 10. The maximum number of effects a character can use on a single attempt is equal to the character's Wisdom modifier.

Lady Tialait
2007-12-29, 04:59 PM
oooo I like...(always did like monks)

Dicumonis Strike
Prerequites: Stunning Fist, Ki STrike (Lawful)
As full round action you may deal extra damage equal to your regular unarmed damage in addion to your unarmed damage in pure Axiomatic damge. Useing this feat uses a Stunning Fist attempt.

Transfer Training
prerequites: Improved Flurry of Blows
As a full Round action that leaves you Stuned the next round you may allow one ally within 30ft to preform a Flurry of Blows with a held weapon. useing the same negitives you may accor per strike. but their B.A.B

As for yours...they are nifty..what do you think of mine?...I think they need some prerequites...

Edit: added some Prerequites...and made the first one use a stunning fist attmpt...

2007-12-29, 05:04 PM
Definately, and you might want to put some limits on the Dicumonis Strike. It's not very clear, but essentially, your doubling you unarmed damage, right?

Some feats regarding the AC bonus might be useful...

mabriss lethe
2007-12-29, 11:10 PM
Tialait: Definitely a nice selection, though I think Dicumonis should have a few other prereqs. Fiery strike, from the PHBII, only deals an additional 1d6 damage and isn't availible to a monk until 11th level. As it stands Dicumonis is vastly superior and availible at 10th level. How you might want to benchmark it is up to you, but my 2 cents should put it at a middlingly high level, just off the top of my head, 14ish... (keep in mind that I honestly think fiery strike is a bit weak for an 11th level feat. but meh, monks, always boned.)

Here are a few more:

Militant Ascetic:
Prerequisite: Proficiency with light armor, flurry of blows class ability and Monks's bonus to AC.

The monk comes from a militant brotherhood that focused on armored combat. When wearing light armor, the monk still retains his bonus to AC due to a high wisdom and other class abilities, but still loses his level dependent bonus to AC and half of his bonus to speed.

Wisened Apothecary:

Craft (alchemy) becomes a class skill and is usable even though the character isn't a spellcaster. The character can create alchemical items for 25% less gold than normal.

Normal: Craft alchemy is only usable by spellcasters.

Chi kung
Prerequisites: Dex13, Wisdom 15, Improved unarmed strike, Stunning fist, Wholeness of body class feature, 5 ranks in the Heal skill.

The character may spend a stunning fist attempt to aid in the healing of himself or another being. He must make physical contact with the target and the Chi Kung attempt heals 1d6 HP as per a Cure X wounds spell. Characters who know the Empowered Strike feat may apply it to a Chi Kung attempt burning multiple stunning fists to effect a greater healing of damage. This ability can be delivered via an unarmed strike and is known to be especially potent against undead.

Dispelling fist
Prerequisite: Improved unarmed strike, Stunning fist, Wisdom 17, Diamond Soul class feature, 10 ranks in Knowledge Arcana.

By expending a usage of Stunning fist, the character may attempt a targeted dispelling, as per Dispel Magic,upon a single person or object. He must touch the target in some way, though characters with the Ki Blast feat, may spend (in addition to the normal expenditure from using Ki Blast)a stunning fist attempt to piggyback the dispelling fist on the ki blast. His caster level for the attempt is equal to his monk level.

Recentering stance:Slightly bulky wording, but I think it gets the point across
Prerequisite: Dex 13 Wis 15, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning fist, 8 ranks Concentration, 8 ranks of Knowledge Arcana

Once per day, As a full round action, the character may attempt a Concentration check (DC 25) to regain 1d4 uses of Stunning fist abilities. A failed attempt may be retried without penalty. The number of stunning fist uses gained cannot exceed the maximum number per day for the character. This feat may be taken multiple times, each time it allows an additional full round attempt to regain Stunning fist uses.

2007-12-29, 11:33 PM
Spell deflection is an epic feat, so I'd say return that (at best, it could go to ninjas, as they have a fancy 'ki pool' to sap from). Also, there is already a monk ability that allows Dispel Magic, along with a TON of other effects (Removing/inflicting fatigue, sickening, ability damage, and more) for a certain number of stunning fist uses. It's called Pressure Point Strike.

mabriss lethe
2007-12-29, 11:47 PM
Thanks for the info. I figured some of it would be redundant since I was brainstorming at work (and I rarely play epic, so I overlooked exceptional deflection.

The idea was to take the existing mechanic of stunning fist and convert it to the Ki pool like mechanic (which I think monks should have, but haven't quite figured out a conversion yet.)