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lord of pixies
2007-12-30, 07:18 PM
i was joining a post-apocaliptic(sp) game (DND) and one person wanted to play a (mildly) mutated person. but, we cant seem to find a template or race with a humanoid-like mutant as it's idea.

anyone care to help him out?

my only idea was useing common sense (thid eye adds to spot and search but takes away int, or somthing simular)


editing the spelwarped template in MMIII (p.162) it would need to be LA+0

2007-12-30, 07:24 PM
not sure if this helps, you'd need to discuss with DM:


2007-12-31, 05:14 AM
I would suggest using Grafts, various bits of demon, abberation and undead that are grafted to your own body to give you various abilities. They're given out as treasure, but I can't remember their pricing. Following on from that there is the Fleshwarper from Lords of Madness, a prestige class that focusses on grafts.

Obviously these things represent a self-made mutant, as opposed to one who has come about due to fantasy radiation etc.