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2007-12-30, 08:13 PM
Hello everyone! I have an interesting dilemma on my hands and was wondering if anyone could help me out...

My character has a Howler as a mount, and in order to make sure he doesn't fall too far behind the party we're going to advance him. I can give him class levels instead of just the hit dice advancement, but I'm stuck on which class he should have.

Fighter would be good because of the feats, but because howlers have a -2 Int penalty, he wouldn't gain any skill points at all. Feats are very useful, though...

Barbarian or Ranger would work as well, but the Ranger's Combat Style and the Barbarian's trap sense abilities are useless, so these two would have to be modified. And Pazu the Howler just doesn't seem like the type to take either of these. (And plus, I think it would be difficult to ride anything that was in a rage)

Ideally, I would have my Howler be a Cleric, but my DM is giving me a hard time about it (who would teach him how to be a cleric if we don't have one in the party?) and he still wouldn't have any skill points. I'm going to raise his Int with items and the like, but I would like a more skillful class if possible. And if it has divine spellcasting abilities and some extra feats, all the better. Maybe that's too much to ask, though. :smallbiggrin:

Anyone have any ideas? Prestige classes could work (I was thinking Horizon Walker, as well, but I don't know where the Knowledge (Geography) would come from), but he still has to meet the prerequisites.

Thank you!

Fax Celestis
2007-12-30, 08:16 PM
Go with Favored Soul, in my opinion. They get their magic because their god likes them, not because they "pray right."

2007-12-30, 08:16 PM
I'm pretty sure you get a minimum of 1 skill point, no matter your int. Does that make things any easier?

2007-12-30, 08:17 PM
minimum 1 skill point per level, 4 at level 1.

2007-12-30, 08:18 PM
pretty sure that you get a minimum of 1 skill point/level (4 at first), but i could be wrong.

go with paladin. then your mount could have a mount, lol.

2007-12-30, 08:21 PM
Rogue or Scout could work. He'd still get 6 skill points per level, plus sneak attack or skirmish. If you can find some variant that replaces trapfinding with something else, you'd be all set.

EDIT: Also, take note that he doesn't get 4 x (8+Int mod.) skill points at his first Rogue level, since that just applies to his first hit die in general.

2007-12-30, 08:30 PM
You could do a lot worse than just going with HD advancement; Outsider hit dice are pretty good. Full BAB, good saves in all categories, and 8 (6, with penalty) skill points each level; you won't find that stuff in any class (I'm pretty sure), but that's at expense of class features.

hmm.. Psychic Warrior? Manifests based on Wisdom, gets bonus feats that can be either Fighter feats or Psionic feats, and has a nice list of powers for a creature whose primary fighting tactic is ripping things apart with a natural attack.