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2007-12-31, 06:57 PM
I want to make a campaign with four BBEGs. One will be an illithid thrallherd, another a black dragon with a template from Green Ronin (Prismatic, Advanced Beastiary), and for the other two I want to use a Drow matron Mother and a Demon Prince.

If the PCs play it right, the dragon or the demon prince will help them in the fight befroe they fight em.

Problem is, I don't know which Demon Prince to use or how to build the drow. I want to use a really interesting matron mother, who is in fact a szarki (albino drow) in disguise. But I also don't know what to make her. A cleric is expected, a psion seems odd, a binder sounds fun but maybe too wierd, I'm at a loss.

If anyone knows which demon prince to use or has an idea on a CR 20-23 drow build, let me know. Thank you!

2007-12-31, 07:12 PM
Drow have a LA of +2 so what about a drow with 20ish levels in cleric?

The equation for CR (IIRC) for a drow (with PC levels) is [character levels] + [+2 level adjustment] + 1.

smart thog
2007-12-31, 07:56 PM
you need a weak demon prince, use Jubliex. Heck, if you used him, that would probably make yours the first PCs the fight Jubliex when its not meant as a massacre.

2007-12-31, 08:18 PM
How about a shadow caster? Drowish but still unique? Maybe a Favored soul if you don't want to leave the cleric area, warlock or one of those homebrew warlock/mages/clerics things

2008-01-01, 01:43 AM
My last BBEG was a shadowcaster. They know I don't do repeats of villains, but favorite NPCs pop back up time and again, no matter which world we are playing in. ALlervernis the incarnate showed up in Eberron and a homebrew, Findit is homebrew, and Ricros in Greyhawk and now FR. Louminous has always been told of, the blue skinned flayer paladin (I've used him since we got 3.5 three years ago, I swear.).

Anyway, shadowcaster is out, and I like the favored soul aspect, but that's still iffy to me. Perhaps I should say which books I have access to:
The Three Core (PHB, DMG, MM)
Fiend Folio
Dragon Compendium
Fiendish Codex I
Expanded Psionics Handbook
Tome of Magic
Dezzavold (Green Ronin)
Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin)
Complete Arcane
Drow of the Underdark
Dragon Magazine from 351-360, as well as a smattering of issues from 319 up.
Races of Stone
Manual of the Planes
Deities and Demigods

I also have used Crystal Keep to no end (I took everything), and I have the full SRD.

Does that information help in making something? Part of me was thinking perhaps a multiclassed Cleric, but I want to use a class that makes the drow into what they are: the dominatrix who no matter how much you want to smack her down, she's always just out of your reach, but when they do kill her (or apprehend her, as the paladin will try) it will feel good. Like a real emphisas on the end if the druid coup de gras her.

As for the demon... Juiblex is not my favorite to run. But I want to avoid using Demogorgon or Malcanthet, much less Lolth... I was debating over Orcus, Grazzt, Fraz-Urbluu, or one of the three I made with the template in Dragon 359. Or, maybe, Obox-ob. I like Obox-ob a bit.

Again, thanks for the help, and keep any suggestions coming.

2008-01-01, 07:09 AM
Drow: Lolth-flavored dread necromancer? Vampire driders, drow wights, undead spiders all over the place... or perhaps a cleric/warlock eldritch disciple?

2008-01-01, 07:36 PM
Hm... Drow Death Master... I like it... also opens up the demon lords orcus or the homebrewed Sahzamu to being used. Hm... Orcus, a prismatic Old Black Dragon, a drow death master, an ilithid thrallherd, and a bunch of undead, demons, goblin/vril/blue/bugbear slaves, and prismatic scum (the dragon's minions since he "freed" them from thier aboleth master).

I think I'll use the Death master class, which was essentially the rough draft for dread necromancer. Thanks for the ideas, everybody! I'm good now.