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2008-01-01, 08:25 AM
"One shot. Thirty-four kills, eighty-six wounded, two batallions forced to take shield-cover..."

- Ithaya Malai, Splinterbow Adept

Splinterbow Adept

Most archers wax poetic about the perfect shot. They seek unity with their bows, the one shot that will take down an opponent with perfect grace and precision.

The School of the Splintered Bow usually tells jokes about these archers.

Located in the heart of an old, old forest, the Splintered Bow teaches that the perfect shot is not one that slays a single opponent, but one that slays many. Eschewing such concepts as accuracy, aim, or patience, the Splinterbows fire shots that force whole batallions to take cover and rain shards of wood from the skies. Using their force of will - as well as various alchemical treatments and magical enhancements - they shatter their own arrows midflight to inflict maximum damage on as many targets as possible.

Perhaps the largest failing of the Splintered Bow is their inability to deal with other ranged attackers - even with a bow, they are forced to get close to their targets in order to deliver their devastating shots. Without that nearness, they are very much vulnerable to other schools of archery - ones that have perfected the art of one shot, one kill.

In order to qualify as a Splinterbow Adept, the character must meet the following prerequisites.

B.A.B - +6
Skills - Craft (Bowyer/Fletcher) 9 ranks, Craft (Alchemy) 4 ranks (Note that I do not use the rule where one must be a spellcaster to use Alchemy).
Feats - Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Manyshot, Weapon Focus (Any bow)
Special - The character must study, train, and craft with the School of the Splintered Bow for a period of no less than three months and leave as a member in good standing of the Order of the Splintered Bow.

Class Features
Hit Die: D8
Fortitude: Poor
Reflex: Good
Will: Poor

Class Skills - As Fighter

Splinterbolts (Ex) - The first thing any Splinterbow learns is how to take care of and modify her equipment. As a normal part of making her Craft (Bowyer/Fletcher) check to make arrows, the Splinterbow Adept may also attempt a DC 20 Craft (Alchemy) check. If she succeeds, the arrows produced splinter on impact with flesh, dealing an additional 1d4 piercing damage on impact.

Blur Shot (Ex) - Starting at level 2, whenever the Splinterbow Adept uses her Rapid Shot feat, she gains another attack at her highest attack bonus, subject to the normal penalty for using Rapid Shot. She must attack as many seperate enemies as possible if she uses this ability.

OOC NOTE - I'm not done yet, but I had a huuuuge brainfart...I'll be back later to finish this.