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2008-01-01, 09:55 AM
I'm serious. You pretty much get to cast Wish any time you want with him, free of charge. Just say, "I wish..." and if you get a high enough roll, it happens.

2008-01-01, 12:00 PM
....... Your point?:smallconfused:

2008-01-01, 12:02 PM
Define high enough? 500?

Also, I'm casting ANTI-Game balance discussion, so don't start.

brian c
2008-01-01, 12:41 PM
1) If anything, this should be in General Gaming, not in Homebrew.

2) If you want any sort of actual response from people, you'll have to explain a little more. Maybe "So I'm in this game, and I think the DM is really cool because if you say 'I wish' and roll high enough, your wish comes true. What do you guys think of that?"

3) Assuming that what I said above is approximately the truth, that's terribly unbalanced from a game perspective. If your campaign setting has some sort of background that explains it then it might be fun, but just adding that to a regular D&D game would be disastrous. That said, if your DM wants to do that and the players enjoy it, I hope you have fun, because that's the point after all :smallbiggrin:

2008-01-01, 01:26 PM
Yeah, I don't see that as a good DM. But whatever floats your boat...

2008-01-01, 01:58 PM
If you roll a 20 then it happens. Most of the time. If it's outrageous like, a spider kills a massive dragon and pulls the head pre-shrunken through the keyhole that it got to the dragon from then no, it doesn't happen.

2008-01-01, 02:04 PM
Erhm, why exactly are you allowed to do this? So before every battle, all of the party members wish that the enemy dies. If they don't succeed, you go to battle?

2008-01-01, 02:19 PM
DM's discretion. But still, it leads to whimsical and nonsensical situations. Such as the spider and the dragon situation. That really almost happened. He got a natural 20, but the DM only had the spider kill a goblin.

2008-01-02, 02:26 AM
I honestly think I have the best DM ever. He has run games for something like 10-15 years as his job...

wishes are actually a very fun part of the game, because they have to be worded right, as he is so good at twisting them.