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Halna LeGavilk
2008-01-01, 10:56 PM
I'll start off with a general history of this new multi-verse (it includes new planes, and gods, and does away with the old one).

History of the Multi-verse

Eons ago, a multi-verse was destroyed. And a new one was born.
A rift appeared at the point where the multi-verse had been destroyed. The Being stumbled through, dragging the corpses of four other beings. Broken, bloody, half-insane, this Being could do nothing. For eons he drifted , and drifted, and drifted.

In that time, from an unknown place beyond even the ken of the mighty Being that had stumbled through, the two Entities appeared. They had been sent by forces unknown to investigate the relatively minor disturbance. They found the Being drifting. For even more unrecorded eons, the two Entities tried to nurse the Being back to health, but they only prolonged his death. Millenia before his death (for that is the time span used by the Entities that is akin to our minutes), he called for one of the Entities.

The Being told the Entities about how his race, the Precursours, had tried to colonize a far realm of insanity. The beings of this realm did not like this, and fought back. The Precursours conquered these beings of insanity. For hundreds of years, the Precursours lived in peace, gaining more knowledge that had never even been thought off. And then the beings of insanity struck back.

The Being told of how twenty God-things, along with billions of their insane followers, attacked the far realm from unknown corners, overrunning it in mere minutes, slaughtering most of the inhabitents and turning almost every other one insane.

The Being told of how only one Precursour escaped, the mightiest warrior of the Precursours, who slew thousands of the beings, and killed one of the God-things. This Precursour, whose name is lost to Insanity, managed only to stumble back to the main Plane of the Precursours, and managed to forewarn the leaders of the Precursours.

This helped only stave off the first attack, for the nineteen remaining God-things, in their rage and fury over losing their brother, overran nineteen different Planes, killing trillions and turning trillions more insane.

The Being told of how the Precursours incredibly advanced magic and technology allowed them to stave off the attack, building huge shields over all of their most important Planes and abandoning the rest.

The Being told of how the Planes fell, one by one, over the course of millions of years. Finally, only one Plane remained standing, Liriak, the home of the Precursours. Their home was unbreakable. The strongest of the God-things attacks could not penetrate the shields protecting Liriak from the insanity.

However, the Precursours saw this was unsustainable. The shields radiated their energy to other Planes. Normally, even with one other Plane, this would not be a problem, as the energy could be directed to the other Plane, then taken back and put in the shield.

Unfortunately, every single Plane the Precursours could find that was even remotely inhabitable was overrrun by the Insanity. So, the shields slowly leaked off energy to other Planes, weakening the Precursours and strengthening the Insanity.

So, as a last ditch effort, the Precursours put all of their knowledge and technology and magic and power into the Five Beings, of whom the Being was one. This took the last of the Precursours energy, and the shields collapsed. Insanity overran and killed every last one of the Precursours, except for the Five Beings.

The Five Beings fought their way through the devastation and destruction, killing billions of the insane, and traveling to a magical laboratory, in which the Salvation awaited.

They fought their way into the laboratory, where they enacted a ritual that would destroy thier multi-verse and bring about a portal that would allow them to travel to the next Multi-verse, for new Multi-verses arise out of the old, dead ones, always.

The nineteen remaining God-things, realising their new, insane realm was about to be destroyed, quickly went to the laboratory, and fought the Five Beings. Four of the Beings were killed, and so were eighteen of the God-things. The last Being was mortally wounded, but managed to escape through the portal.

After telling his story, the Being's eyes glazed over. "My children will guard over this multi-verse with all their being, but I request that you remain to watch over them, and arbitrate their squabbles. I need them united, in case the Insanity returns, and attempts to destroy this new multi-verse. They will know what to do then."

With that, the Being died. Light exploded from every pore of his body. The Entity had to shield it's eyes, and when it looked back, the being was died, and surrounded by other beings. These beings, were the new Gods, for a new Multi-verse.

Halna LeGavilk
2008-01-01, 11:13 PM
Next, the position of the planes.

The Planes are set up very odd for a reason. The new Gods, using their inborn knowledge from the Precursours, set about creating a new, protected multi-verse, sheltered from the Insanity.

They started by using the raw material of Chaos, and forming it into an endless Plane, inhabitable by all species, races, and creeds. This new plane would expand infinitely to accommodate every single being that was on it.

They called this Garun, the Material Plane.

Next, they took the very energy of emotions, Positive and Negative, and created a new sphere of planes, surrounding Garun. These are the Positive and Negative Energy planes, They surround the Material Plane, sheltering it from Insanity. They, along with the Material Plane, are permeated by the Twilight Realm (similer to the Plane of Shadow). They are both infinite, except from the God's perspective, who see it was a globe of positive and negative energy when viewed from the Twilight Realm.

They are the third line of Defense from Insanity.

The next Planes the Gods created were the Emotional Planes. (The Elemental Planes). These emotions were more defined than Positive and Negative.

These Planes are the Plane of Anger (fire), Plane of Jealousy (Earth), the Plane of Love (Air), and the Plane of Happiness (Water).

These Planes are permeated by the Logical Plane (equivalent to the Ethereal Plane, except minorly Lawful Aligned. All of the Emotional Planes are minorly Chaotic Aligned, with the Planes of Fire and Jealousy being minorly Evil aligned, and the Planes of Love and Happiness being minorly good aligned.)

The Emotional Planes are the second line of defense from Insanity

Next, the Gods took the very morals and ethics that resulted from those emotions and logic, and turned them into the Outer Plane. (The Outer Plane has all alignment traits in different areas.) The Outer Plane surrounds the Emotional Planes, and is permeated by the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane hinders creatures of Insanity, and puts out an Alert to the Gods.

Alright, I gotta go to bed. More soon!