View Full Version : Idea: A new type of Bard.

2008-01-05, 12:42 AM
Hello playground dwellers! First off, i do not play DnD, never did. I'd like to try some day, but for now it isnt really possible for me.

Anyways, i still know certain things about the game. Some things i learned on my own, ( wikipedia + boredom is great for general culture, i suppose. ) and other things i learned on this very site.

Now, with that said, i can expose my idea.

Ever saw the great movie "Kung Fu Hustle"? Its an hilarious parody of martial arts movies. Recommand it to everyone looking for a good laugh.

Now, what characters gave me this idea are the Harpists (http://http://youtube.com/watch?v=Oq84WO_zubQ).

Imagine playing one of those guys! Long range dammage, protection, otherwise badass moves ( firing a small army of undead warriors out of an oriental string instrument thingie, anyone? ) as well as more standard bardic skills? If i ever play DnD, i'll need to try and remember the Harpists. Spells could be called "chords" and there would be defensive and offensive chords. Maybe the playing single strings could help build the power of those chords. Just a few ideas on the top of my head.

Since, as i said, i dont play Dungeons and Dragons, i cant think of stats and more technical bits, so i'll let you guys flesh 'em out, if you want to.

2008-01-05, 01:11 AM
Maybe a bard with more spells per day and less of something else. After all, they already have spells such as Shout and Sound Burst which sonic-based damage in a similar manner.

However, your best bet might be a Warlock with a reflavored Eldritch Blast and some ranks in Perform (Harp), since most of what the Harpists do is fire a straight beam of damage that happens to look like swords and fists but does mechanically the same thing. It would work especially well with the Eldritch Essence invocation that allows you to deal normal damage to objects with your Eldritch Blast (Hammering Blast is it called? Not sure).