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2008-01-06, 09:04 PM
Here comes a month of on and off homebrewing. Comments welcome and usually considered.

Stay tuned for the show!

{table]Part | Name | Description | Under Construction (y/n)
1 | Tempest | Remade tempest PRC | N
2 | Torret | Refluffed race (stolen, creds to Tyrolin)| N
3 | Fighter | Rebalanced, and with new abilities! | Y[/table]

2008-01-06, 09:05 PM
Tempest Redone

Prereq: Weapon focus (left and right hand weapons, or one double weapon)
Greater Two weapon fighting.

BAB: Good
Good save: Reflex
Skills: as fighter (or barbarian, deciding)

{table]lvl | Special
1 | Ambipotency, Weapon specialization
2 | Two weapon penalty -1
3 | Base land speed +10ft, Greater Weapon Focus
4 | Two weapon penalty -1
5 | Blurred Offense, Greater weapon specialization[/table]

These are the abilities.
Ambipotency: Apply full strength modifier to both on and off hand attacks, two times strength modifier to two handed attacks

Weapon... / Greater weapon...: These bonuses apply to only the weapons that qualified the character to take this class.

Blurred Offense: During a full-round attack action, the Tempest may make one extra attack with his on-hand and off-hand weapons. The Tempest takes a -4 penalty to AC, but any opponent that an attack is attempted against must make a Fortitude save or a Reflex save (either of which they may add their BAB to). If they fail they can take no actions during their next turn, being too busy dodging and trying not to die. The DC for the check is
{table]Opponents attacked | Check DC
1 | 25
2 | 20
3 | 15
4 | 10
5 | 5[/table]

2008-01-06, 09:09 PM
Race: the Torret (stolen and refluffed, etc)

Torrets usually stand between 6 and 7 feet tall, and weight around 190 lbs. They are mostly well-muscled and quick, but they are somewhat frail and are as wise as some races. Torrets vision is only black and white, even in light, which could be why their eyes are always a single solid color. Their hair is usually a metallic color.

Torrets live mostly in woodland areas, much like elves. In fact, some rumors about their beginnings say that they are descended from elves and celestials. Of course, some also say that Torrets came about as a horrible magical experiment on a group of elves, but the truth is lost to the mysteries of time.

Size: Med

Base land speed: 40ft

Powerful build (see half-giant for explanation)

Black and white: Because of their sight, Torrets suffer a -2 penalty to search and spot checks.

Darkvision 60 ft.

Ability scores: Str +2, Dex +2, Con -2, Wis -2

Favored class: ???

2008-01-06, 09:12 PM
Fighter (rebalanced)

Proficiencies: All martial and simple weapons, and all armor and shields.
Skills : as barbarian
HD: d10
BAB: Full
Good saves: Fort and Ref

Class Progression
{table]Level | Special
1 | Bonus Feat, Powerful Blow +1d6, Counter chance
2 | Bonus Feat
3 |
4 | Powerful Blow +2d6, Bonebreak 1/day
5 | Flash Reprisal 1/encounter
6 | Bonus Feat
7 | Powerful Blow +3d6
8 | Bonebreak 2/day
9 |
10 | Bonus Feat, Powerful Blow +4d6
11 | Flash Reprisal 2/encounter
12 | Improved Bonebreak 3/day
13 | Powerful Blow +5d6
14 | Bonus Feat
15 |
16 | Powerful Blow +6d6, Improved Bonebreak 4/day
17 | Flash Reprisal 3/encounter
18 | Bonus Feat
19 | Powerful Blow + 7d6
20 | Greater Bonebreak 5/day[/table]

Bonus Feat: As PHB Fighter

Powerful Blow: A number of times per day equal to his Strength modifier, the Fighter can add this damage to his damage roll by taking a -2 penalty prior to his attack roll. Thus, a miss ruins the attempt and is deducted from his number of attempts per day.

Counter Chance: The first time a Fighter is struck for damage in a given round by a given opponent, he has a 3% chance per Fighter level to make one attack against that opponent.

Bonebreak: The indicated number of times per day, the Fighter can make an attack deal automatic critical damage. The usage of this must be declared before the fighter's attack roll, thus a miss ruins the attempt.

Improved Bonebreak: As bonebreak, but the critical modifier (x2, x3, etc) is considered one higher for the purpose of dealing damage.

Greater Bonebreak: As Improved Bonebreak, but every die of damage is maximized. This Version of Bonebreak can only be used once / encounter. Other versions of Bonebreak can still be used, as long as the maximum (5/day) has not been exceeded.

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2008-01-06, 09:17 PM
Use the full table, found at the top, in a sticky.

As it is, Tempest Redone looks rather weak. Ambipotency looks like an ok ability, but the same feat chain dies everything this class does.

2008-01-06, 09:33 PM
Tempest Redone looks rather weak. Ambipotency looks like an ok ability, but the same feat chain dies everything this class does.

Well, except for the fact that your penalty for two weapon fighting is 0 with a light weapon / double weapon, and -2 with 2 one handed. Then of course you're discounting the (possible) 6 free feats, and of course, you posted before the capstone, Blurred Offense, was finished. Please, look that over.

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2008-01-06, 09:41 PM
Hm, better, but still below power par.

2008-01-07, 08:31 PM
Wow, nothing else? Did I just do it that well?

2008-01-07, 08:48 PM
Blurred offense looks pretty darn overpowered.

Two extra attacks on a full attack, apparently at full attack bonus, AND the ability to completely stun-lock multiple opponents easily as long as they aren't a caster (since they would have poor concentration checks). As an ability you can get at level 10 nonetheless!

-4 AC most definitely does not balance this out.

2008-01-07, 11:07 PM
I keep seeing fighter fixes that don't actually address the problem. Fighters aren't weak because they don't deal enough damage. Far from it - fighters can do lots of damage. They're weak because of a plethora of other reasons that I really can't be bothered going into detail about. Read a fighter thread, shouldn't be too hard to find.

Blurred offense is too powerful.

2008-01-08, 09:40 AM
Ok, I toned down the Blurred offense check, and I changed it to a Fort or Ref save instead of a concentration check.

As an ability you can get at level 10 nonetheless!

Actually, you'd only be able to get it at level 11, since you need a BAB of +6 for Improved Two weapon fighting. Point taken, however. Changed Prereqs to Greater Two weapon fighting.