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2008-01-08, 01:52 PM
Well, I just leveled! I'm now an Eighth level Human Warlock.
Here's my problem: at eighth level, warlocks get Fiendish Resilience 1. Well, That is NOT my style. I'm a fey powered warlock, not a demon powered one. So, in place of that, my DM is letting me have a single 1st-lvl Ranger spell, once a day. I'm not sure which one I should take, however. So, I humbly come asking for help.

As a Warlock, I already have the following:
Detect Magic (class ability)
Eldritch Glaive-Blast shape
Fell Flight-Fly speed=land speed
Call of the Beast- Speak with animals & Wild empathy
Relentless Dispelling: dispell magic + Dispell magic automatically on next turn
Devil's Eyes (?)-See normally in regular and magical darkness.

I also have fey heritage feats:
Fey Heritage- +3 bonus on Will saves against enchantments
Fey Skin- Gain DR/cold iron (stacks with Warlock levels :smallamused:)
Fey Presence- Gain spell-like abilities (can't remember what they are, so, a little assistance with this feat's description would be helpful:smallredface:)

So, give me the best 1st level ranger spell you can think of, from any book. Just don't make fun of me for trading in Fast Healing for a 1/day junk spell. :smalltongue:

Lord Lorac Silvanos
2008-01-08, 03:14 PM
Depending on the CL of your ranger spell Aspect of the Wolf could be fun and marginally useful.

Guided Shot is nice to have in situations were your opponent is concealed.

2008-01-08, 09:04 PM
Guided Shot or Entangle

Most of the good lvl 1 ranger spells are are skill spells(Camouflage), charging spells (Rhino Rush), or bow spells (Arrow Mind). And you are a warlock.

see if you can get level 2 spell

2008-01-09, 07:29 AM
Why not just rename the ability, "Blessing of the Fey" and have the crunch remain the same? You are just getting Fast Healing for 2 minutes. That is not antithetical to the Fey.

2008-01-09, 10:36 AM
Animal Messenger: Basically just a really convenient spell to have, as it allows the PC to communicate with NPCs who might be far away, but without having to tramp all the way back to town in order to do it.

Resist Energy: Energy Resistance 10

Embrace the Wild (Spell Comp): Blindsense or Scent.

But I agree with Fixer. I'd keep the ability and re-fluff it.