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2008-01-09, 10:40 PM
size and type: Undead
Hit dice: Drop any hit dice from any levels,
considered to have 16 hit dice for determining polymorph spells, etc,etc.HP 5

Speed: retains any speed from life, and flying ability

Armor class: as in life plus equipment

Base attack: remains same from life

Attacks: retains all proficiencies from life,
and gain a bite attack, & slam attack
(See zombie description for both under "damage")

Damage: all attacks deal equal damage as in life

special attacks: disease (see below)

special qualities: indomitability (see below), water weakness.
loses all spell like abilities and extraordinary powers from life.
Regeneration 3, when an indomitable's HP is sent into negatives, it remains inactive until it is back unto the positives
Damage reduction 10/piercing.

Saves: Fort and Ref are the same from life
and will gains a +10 bonus.

Skills: none

Feats: same all life

Environment: any (Except aquatic)

Organization: hordes (any size)



alignment: any evil

Advancement: as base creature


Indomitability: Indomitables won't give up, they just keep on going even if they are missing about half of there torso, they will still keep moving, and that includes the other half of the torso. the only true way to kill them is via burning there body to ash, or a disintegrate spell. and cutting them up into small chunks only disables them. although water for no specific purpose will render them Unconscious until mostly dry.

Also, when an indomitable for say...is cut into fractions, (like 3rds) the Attack bonus, dex, and strength of the indomitable is cut accordingly.
Example; A human warrior (12 in dex 14 in str, and ten in each other stat, gets cut in half, each half now has a dex of 6, a strength of 7, and each other would be 5, movement rate would vary, and balance (If a leg is lost) checks may need to be made. also keep in mind that the attacks may only be used with one or two specific limbs, so A decapitated Indomitable may not use the bite attack, but the head may.

Disease: whenever you are hit from a successful bite or slam attack, you must make a DC 22 Fortitude save, or begin the longe horrid "Zombification" process. there is no known cure for it. but after contracting it, you must make a fortitude save of DC 16 a day or you take one point of con damage, although strangely, you don't see any affect on your HP, or fortitude save, your constitution just goes down. You become an Indomitable yourself when you die.

Note: Indomitable is a corporeal undead template given to the living whom contract the Disease that an Indomitable gives (name pending)
Please give feedback, and offer suggestions.

2008-01-10, 01:58 AM
tell us what kind of creatures this applies to.

if this applies to the already-undead, then specify that. also, if this applies to already-undead, you are stepping on a lot of ghoulish toes if they can no longer create their own kind of spawn, and now create an indom. also, you would need to specify whether the indom's spawn are the same kind of base undead.

if this is meant to be applied to the living (as i am guessing it is by your wording), then you need to finish the rest of the transformation-to-undead info, like HD change, possible recalculation of skills (cuz "none" is confusing and sad), etc, ability modifiers (such as constitution), and whatever else applies. pull up vamp or some other corporeal undead template to show you what all needs to apply.

i don't think that undead can be 'unconscious'--give it a different name or description, or something. or tell us why this breaks the rule.

you have the fluff down for the indomitability, but you need the mechanic. what happens when you cut it in half? do both halves attack? do they each have half hit points? half bab? does one half lay dead, while the other retains full stats and keeps coming? tell us what it does.

as it stands, most undead can already attack even when cut to pieces. if you do not do enough damage to bring it to zero hit points, even if the dm rules that your mighty hit lopped its head off, it will still stumble maddeningly after you. so give it something more, something more diehard-bruce-willis than that.

anyway, other than that, good job. aaron out.