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Crescent Moon Island

Located in the middle of a large reef cluster, Crescent Moon Island is seldom visited by any who seek it. Instead it is the plight of fishermen and sailors in the vicinity of the island. Numerous legends tell of the islands power to turn friend against friend and incite the primal urges of people trapped on the island citing the failed Human settlement on the small island. But these are considered to be fool's tales by any who hear them... well, of course, except the fishermen.

Geography and Ecosystem:

Geography: The island itself is shaped like a thin sliver of moon, a couple days prior to or after the New Moon. It is only about a hundred yards or so across, but over a mile long. Towards the northern point of the island, an old settlement can be found. It has been abandoned but is relativly undamaged. Aproaching the island requires a DC 20 Profession (Sailor) Check to avoid running aground or getting the ship stuck on a reef/atoll.
Fauna: Birds of all shapes and sizes can be found on Crescent Moon Island as can wild boars and lizards (some harmless, some dangerous).
Flora: Palm trees thrive on the island, as do small shrubs and creepers. A rare type of fern, that grows to the size of a large elephant, can be found at one or two locations on the island.

Inhabitants of Crescent Moon Island:

Other than the birds and lizards, a big pack of Wold Boars roam the island. They are particularly aggressive attacking any unfamiliar creature on sight. Strangly the pack leader is not seen with the group. Closer inspection reveals that they are led by a half-crazed imp named Faust that has managed to win them over by providing them with food. He is trapped by the Island's anchoring power and driven mad by the maddening powers of the area(see below). He will not listen to reason and attacks on sight, using his sting to sudue the enemy. If he is wounded takes the form of a boar and attempts batter the enemy into submission.

Boars* (8): 25 Hp each, see MM1
Faust (6-HD Imp) : 26hp, see MM1
*: add fiendish template to adjust for higher level PCs

Hidden in the basment of the old tavern in the settlement (presumably by the imp) is a solid mithral MW unholy symbol adorned by diamonds, it is worth 5,000 - 7,500 GP to collectors; but most common merchants would have little or no interest carrying such a... taboo item.

Traits of the Island:

The island has several traits and secerets unknown to the casual observer. First it is considered Minor-Evil Dominant (see DMG). Second, any outsider type monster who enters the vicinity of the island cannot leave short of a Wish or Miracle spell. Third, those who spend a week or more on the island must attempt a DC 30 Will Save or go insane, as the spell. Not even a wish or mircale spell can reverse it. Also, this effect makes the victim immune to charms, compulsions or anything that effects behavior (such as Calm Emotions).

Secrets of Crescent Moon Island:

The Colony:
The colony located on the island failed because of the maddening trait of the island. Thoose who somehow resisted the trait fled with their belongings and left the insane to die. One by one the killed each other off. Only one remains, still lurking in the abandoned town. His name is Mephis. He has gained strange powers due to his long time on the island and is strangly immune to the maddening trait of the island. Treat him as an 15th Level Vulnerable Tiefling Monk (LE). He was human, but the island transformed him into something else, something savage. He is now unable to leave because of his new creature type. He is found usually in the town square whittling at his old narled quarterstaff. He will talk with the PCs telling them about the history of the settlement and about Faust (some say he was the judge who condemned hi wife to death and is now, ironically, trapped on the island himself). He may ask the PCs to kill Faust and put him out of his misery. If so, he rewards them with a small sloop (if they are trapped), which he cannot use himself. If Faust is already dead before they stumble upon Mephis, Mephis is found in the granary, hung from the rafters. A note tells the PCs the history of the island and the location of the sloop.

The Island Itself:

Crescent Moon Island, isn't exactly a place common on the Material Plane. In fact it isn't from the material plane. Years ago the less insane, but still partly crazy wizard Faust (yes, the Imp) summoned it from the Nine Hells to spite a small port-town some fifty miles away, located on a large island. The town had tried and convicted his wife of murder (which she may or may not have commited). He put the island in the middle of their main trade route blocking it off from the rest of the world. Because the island lays so low numerous ships crashed on it, mainly due to the fact the never saw it till it was too late. Devils soon showed up at Faust's door, planning punishing him for taking a piece of their world. Faust was turned into a lowly Imp for his crimes and sent to the island for all eternity. An entrapping trait was installed by the devils to keep him there as well as any outsiders he might attempt to summon (using magic items or scrolls, since he could no longer cast spells). Only after being stuck on the island for several weeks, did he notice (and sucumb to) the already present maddening trait of the island.

Do you dare venture to Crescent Moon Isle?:smallamused: