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2008-01-12, 08:53 PM
OK, here's the scenario.

A critter (based off the Puppeteer monster) has taken control of an individual. Said individual is a gnomish Cleric 7 / Psion 2. The party manages to incapacitate the individual, and in the process learns of her parasite which is contolling her. They destroy said parasite, without causing any real damage to the individual.

So, do they get XP based on:

CR 9 (for the cleric)
CR 9 + CR1 (for the cleric and the parasite (which would earn them naught)
CR 10 (as the parasite was able to also mentally attack)
CR1 (just for the parasite)?

Personally, I am leaning towards CR 10... but can't decide based on RAW.

2008-01-12, 08:58 PM
I would say at least the CR 9, and personally I would give them some extra for the difficulty of the situation (the average party will have a much harder time incapacitating somebody than killing them outright).

2008-01-12, 09:01 PM
Indeed, I'd say 10 as well. Rule of thumb:

When PC's do as you'd hoped, reward them with bonus XP.

2008-01-12, 09:01 PM
I'd give them CR 10 xp, not only did they defeat a CR 9, but they did it in such a way as to save him (quest bonus) and defeat the power behind him which aught to be worth more than defeating just the guy by himself.

so guy = 9
guy plus quest advancement plus defeating power behind the throne = 10+


2008-01-12, 09:01 PM
It all depends on the parasite's abilities - and I'm sorry if I botch this, I'm not familiar with the Puppeteer. If the process of invading a host gives the parasite control of everything the host does plus its regular CR 1 abilities, then make it a CR 10. If it's more of a domination effect, and the parasite can still use its abilities on its own initiative, then call it a CR 9+1.

2008-01-12, 09:01 PM
Well, this isn't an average party :) but I think you're right.

By the way, Hey there from a former Saskatoonian!

Mando Knight
2008-01-13, 12:43 AM
I've been awarding XP for the individual enemies killed... and roughly deciding that the CR of an encounter is the sum of the CRs of the enemies divided by the number of party members...

2008-01-14, 02:06 PM
If they're just killing the character, CR 9 . Since they're doing a more difficult task ( incapacitating him , then taking off the parasite, then killing the parasite ) make it a CR 10 encounter. Give extra points if they do clever things on top of that.