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2008-01-17, 12:41 AM
So I am thinking of doing a highly unhistorical ancient greek campaign. I've already decided that I will severely limit the races (human being the only core race allowed) and that I will make being from a certain city give adjustments much akin to a race. I am also putting Atlantis into the mix. Anyone have any other suggestions to flesh it out?

2008-01-17, 12:43 AM
Well, you could look at this for inspiration.


2008-01-17, 12:49 AM
I've always felt that worshipping a god should have a "crunch" effect, and since the greek gods were always meddling... I came up with bonuses granted by various gods. Here are the Greek ones I came up with (I have Norse and Egyptian too.

Zeus: +1 bonus to cha-based skill checks
Poseidon: +1 bonus to ride, profession (sailor), and balance checks
Hades: +2 to intimidate checks, +1 to profession checks +2d10 starting gold
Apollo: Light sources provide 100% more light (this includes magical light cast by the person with the God-touch), +1 bonus on perform checks
Artemis: Range increments with all weapons increases by 10 feet
Athena: +1 to any circumstance bonus to attack (flanking, surprise, etc.)
Haphaestus: Grants proficiency with one unknown weapon, all armor bonuses are increased by +1
Hera: +2 damage during flanking attacks or a sneak attack (if a sneak attack, scales with sneak attack dice)
Hermes: speed increases by 10 feet

2008-01-17, 06:23 AM
You should also place the campaign in the middle (or just before) of a great conflict.
like the Peloponnese war( it was the great civil war), or the Persian war or maybe the Great Alexanders campaign to Persia

2008-01-17, 06:43 AM
A Greek campaign seems the perfect place to use Iron Heroes, setting apart the Hectors, Achilles and Agamemnons from ordinary men.

2008-01-17, 07:38 AM
yes, iron heroes ruels here. and the new spelcaster from the players companion also works very nicely with the seting, beign able to use sacrifices in spelcasting and all.

2008-01-17, 08:07 AM
d20 sources Sean K. Reynold's free "New Argonauts (http://www.seankreynolds.com/skrg/products/002TNA/)" ebook
HR7 "Age of Heroes" 2nd Ed. sourcebook at paizo.com
"Milenian Empire" for the OD&D Hollow World setting
Inspirational Sources "Hercules" & "Xena"
all those old Steve Reeve Herc' toga sagas
"Clash of the Titans"
"Jason and the Argonauts"
(well, you said ahistorical)

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