View Full Version : Replacing bard spells with dragon shaman abilities?

2008-01-17, 02:48 AM
Once again, I'm trying to find something suitable to replace vancian spellcasting for the bard. Now, bards are arcanists, 100% completely so. However, I view bardic magic as being wildly different from wizardly and sorcerous magic. While those classes are like reality hackers, bards draw upon systems already in place, manipulating the heroic reality of a fantasy world to empower their allies with, basically, the power of plot.

Anyways. I don't much appreciate the dragon shaman class as far as the fluff behind all the crunch goes, things between me and dragons, and while I could reflavor the class, I thought I'd much rather cannibalize its abilities for the bard, to replace vancian magic.

The question is: what abilities should I give the bard to replace all vancian spellcasting?

I obviously have my eyes turned to gaze upon the draconic auras, with the energy type being automatically set to Sonic, for obvious reasons. However, how much more should I add?

Touch of Vitality? This nicely replaces the few cure spells bards got and works well with the idea that very few HPs are actual damage taken, the rest being plot and morale. The extra abilities are further evidence of Bardic plot powers (real heroes never get sick, see?) and all that jazz, I like it.

Breath Weapon? This one is much cheesier, but adds some nice punch to the melee bard. all those d6 of sonic damage would be nice, and the image of a bard blasting people with their voice (a la "Lion's Roar" in kung fu hustle) is nice, but still, a bit cheesy.

I can also, of course, throw in the ToB updated bard (http://corporation.walagata.com/fax/wiki/index.php/Tome_of_Battle_Core_Class_Update) in, if that's what's needed.

My initial idea is to use draconic auras and either ToV or the Maneuvers, but I want a few other opinions. Preferably from someone who can attest to the power of the dragon shaman's abilities.

2008-01-18, 09:11 AM
I don't know must (well anything) about the dragon shaman class but I know something about the bard so I'll offer a little advise. The bard spell list generally consists of 4 types of spells (in my estimation). There are a good helping of control type spells (charm et cetera), a dash of damage type spells (usually sonic) and healing spells, with the rest of the spells being odds and ends to provide utility. If you are trying to stay close to the core "vision" of the bard then I would try and fulfill each category (control, sonic damage, heal, utility) with at least one ability.

Good luck!