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2008-01-18, 05:45 AM
Greeting's Fellow Giant's. From the darkness of Lurkerdom I come out into the light with 2 request's.

Request 1 Epic Character builds from the Epic soul's/Servant classes of Fate Stay Night into D&D. I know somewhere,somehow at least one person has attempted to stat all 8 epic servants. Level wise.. They should be around Lv 40-60

Request 2 Now this one will be slightly harder, If anyone has ever played the small unknown and rare game known as Eve of Extinction. They would know about 10 "Legacy" Weapons made from oricalcuim yet in my honest opion they lean more to a deep crystal type of wepon, as well as the realm of psyonics. Each weapon possesing a elemental affinity and a special attack known as a "Legacy Drive." I'll give you a short and brief description of each weapon in the game.

Weapon 1) A one handed short sword which provided a ease of hit and run type attacks. It glows a reddish yellow light, the blade in my opinion is over a meter long. And it's legacy drive is a short burst of flame infont of the weilder.

Weapon 2) A long Bo or Quarterstaff, which can be used as a form of polevault to lift the user to higher places. This weapon glows a blue light, and it's legacy drive is a rain of thunderbolts.

Weapon 3) A pair of Katars or Punching daggers which glow a Aqua light, primarilly used for speed type attacks. The Katar's if used properly can make mincemeat out of enemy's, the Katars Kegacy drive is a focused blast of water.

Weapon 4) The Snake Sword, in EOE this weapon can be used as a make shift grapplng hook/Zipline. It glow's in a Violet light, and the legacy drive is the ability to momentarily stop time for several seconds.

Weapon 5) The Crossbow, Aglow in a pink light. It has Unlimited Ammuniton and is deadly at long range. The legacy drive for the crossbow is a bubble shield that heals wounds for 10 seconds.

Weapon 6) A Giant Axe. This large and crumbesom weapon glows a dark black light, it is one of the stronest weapons in the Legacy weapons project. The legacy drive is a gravity crush attack.

Weapon 7) The broadsword which looks more like a zweihander used by Gattsu from bezerk, and Siegried/Nightmare from Soul caliber 2. This weapon has a Golden Yellow glow and it's legacy drive is a glowing doppleganger made of earth which atteact's enemys.

Weapon 8) A boomerang, that has 2 bladed edges as well as a grip in the middle to hold it. This weapon can be used inboth long range and close quarters combat. The boomerang glows a green light and it's legacy drive creates vertices of wind which shoot out in all directions.

Weapon 9) A pair of tonfa, which glow a bright white light. The tonfa can easily and speedily swithch from offense to defense, and provides exellent blodgeoning damage. The Legacy drive creates a body confroming shield of light which provides invulerablilty for 10 seconds.

Weapon 10) Twinblades (Weapon building wise they will be One handed Falchions or scimitars) A strange weapon format, in the legacy weapon project. The twinblades have a staggering level of power and speed, Aglow in a Orangishred light. It's legacy drive is a powerful explosion force.

Whew, that was long. And I hope that somone can pretty much help me out with these request's.