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2008-01-19, 03:35 PM
To use this BBEG you need complete arcane (CA) Hero's of horror (HOH), Players handbook 2 (phb2), and complete divine (CD). These rules assume that you are using taint rules in your campaign.

A cunning overlord. A scheming master. A plotting villain. None of these describes Horick (the pawn) Pawan (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=38342. )In spite of ingnorance, he is mighty, and sadistic, wizard. His arcane magic is directly fulled by evil, as are his every action. The story on his rise to power is as terrible as his uses for it.

At age 12 Horick (on a childish urge) decided to be a wizard. His parents signed a contract that said they would pay his tuition until he could cast second level spells, at which point he would be allowed to do as he pleased. He never learned that much.

Although not being in any way too stupid, he possessed the same intelligence that most commoners have, yet was barely able to cast cantrips. He spent 14 years watching upstarts start learning and soon surpass his abilities, and, of course, mocking his lack of progress. Throughout those years Horick vowed that his first use of a second level spell would be kill the first wizard to mock him, a wizard known as Arterorian.

Four years ago when he managed to cast a magic missile (thanks to a ability score boost in int), he was ecstatic. He thought he was finally mastering magic. A year later, he still had no second level spells. Also that year he had learned that Arterorian had used his magic to save a town from a orc warband, and was thus made mayor. This was his breaking point. He called out to any power that would listen and asked for power, no matter what.

Deep in the Abyss, Grazzt heard his call. He thought Horick would make a great pawn, as his name suggested. He appeared before Horick and asked if he truelly wanted power, no matter what. Horick's next word changed his life forever, a word with three letters. The first of these letters was Y.

Grazzt bestowed unto him the powers of a tainted scholar and instructed him to kill all the students and teachers. Horick agreed as Grazzt departed. His first victim was a young student. Horick started with a magic missile spell, but as he kept casting spells his power grew. He proceeded to kill all the teachers and students with his new spells (he used no second level spells however). These murders proved the first of many as he developed a compulsion to kill things.

Horick kept his promise to himself and used a flurry of Shorching rays to kill Arterorian and mutilated his corpse using melf's acid arrow spells. That was the day he his idea that no one else mattered, and started a army of demons and undead using Grazzt's guidance (who enjoyed watching his pawn).

Grazzt realized his mistake in having such a foolish person as a general, so he sent a mystic theurge named Bella Siglindi (
) to serve as a consort and adviser to him. This was a year ago and under her guidance he has obtained massive power and evil.

Currently Horick is preparing for a war campaign against the Dwarfish/Gnomish City known as Gemforge. Gemforge is known for its defense of underdark tunnels, and destroying the city would lead to massive drow, duergar, grimlock and mindflayer raids on the surface.

This all works out quite well for Grazzt. He has cults in the human cities that are prepared to liberate the cities under the control of underdark races, thus allowing him to start a religious theocracy in his name. Such a increase in worshipers might lead to Grazzts ascension to godhood.

Dungeon notes, the dungeon is warded agaisnt teleportation, no teleport spells can be cast inside of it.

Tactics (Horick) . Horick has a little need to leave his throne room, except to kill prisoners, so the tactics here assume he is in there when the PCs enter. When his prying eyes detects the PC's as being near the door, He casts (in this order) two energy immunities (the two most used forms of energy by the PCs, as determined by his prying eyes spell. If he does not know, then fire and electricity), Crown of protection, Protection from arrows, a false life, a overland flight,all three resist energy (energy types not previously selected) a protection from spells, A extended shield (with his elderitch corruption feat, used on Bella), a extended sonic shield, Greater Spectral hand, and readies a action to cast a explosive lightning bolt as the door opens (door takes up only one space).

As the PCs regroup, Horick (is flying 40ft in the air) casts a extended Summon Golem (Iron Golem), when the PCs reenter. Horick commands the golem to attack the fighter character, and casts a debilitating strike Slay living on any obvious Cleric, and readies a action to counterspell the next spell to be cast by any besides him or Bella, casts a quicken black tentecels . Next turn he casts a Debilitating Murder through the hand (on previous victim), readies a action to counterspell. Next turn he uses a Debilitating Harm (same victim) through the hand, and readies a action to counterspell. Next turn, Debilitation Emerald Flame fist through the hand (same victim) readies an action to counterspell. Following that he uses a quickened True strike and any Debilitating Orb Spell (take your pick), Readies a action to counterspell. Rinse lather Repeat until Cleric is dead or all uses are used up (the first is more likely, this combo deals 32 points of Wis damage). When the Cleric is dead, Horick casts his second Summon Golem, and uses his hereticular lore to grant a extra move action, which he uses to ready action to counterspell. Horick Directs this Golem to attack the rouge, and pulls a Xykon on the wizard (energy drains him to death), each turn reading action to counterspell. After the wizard is dead, Horick uses all remaining Boomey type spells to get rid of the meele types.

Horick applies a blood component to all his spells, and makes all spells that deal damage blookseeking spells.

If Horick is reduced to less than 50 hit points, he uses Wish to replicate a heal spell the first time, the second time, he flees (see contingency plans)

Tactics Bella

When Horick starts casting his defensive spells, Bella cast (in this order)
Spell immunity (pick your PCs favorite spells), Restoration (to get rid of the con damage Horick dealt her) Magic circle against good, Protection from arrows, Protection from energy (all types) Overland flight, Bless, Shield and, readies a action to cast bane when the PCs enter.

The first turn the PCs enter, Bella casts Wall of fire, and Blade barriar the turn after that, to block the PCs from advancing. She then proceeds to cast Evocation spells while flying next to Horick to cast cure spells when they are needed. She remembers to save a spell slot for each of her buff spells, and, when she runs low on spells, casts divine power, greater magic weapon (on dagger) and righteous might and proceeds to take the fight to her enemies.

Contingency plans

Horick, If the battle turns on him, He Move out of the throne room window, and then teleports to his battle camp, where he keeps a library containing all the wizard spells in the players handbook, and tries to retake his fortress.

Bella, when she sees Horick leave, she follows suit.

Backstabbing domain

Add +2 to the DC of all coup de grace attacks you make

1 Inflict light wounds
2 Delay poison
3 contagion
4 Poison
5 Slay living
6 Harm
7 Mutilate
8 Murder
9 Soul Bind

New spells

Level Cleric7, Backstabber 7, druid 9
Components V S DF
Casting time 1 turn
Target living creature touched
Duration Instantaneous and permanent
Save Fort negates
Spell resistance yes

You focus all you hate on one person, and then, touch him. You feel your anger flow through your finger and ravage your enemy's body.

When you cast this spell, you cause your foe to lose some limbs. If you are 13th level you cause 1d3 fingers to fall off of each hand. (subtract -2 on all rolls that involve fine manipulation (lock picking, climbing, attack with light weapons) for each finger that is missing, a hand with less then 3 fingers cannot hold anything). If your are 16th level you get rid of one arm . If you are are 19th level you can cause a leg to fall off (creature with only one leg can only move using a walking stick, and then only at half normal speed). You can chose any option you are high enough to have access to. this spell also does 4d8 points of damage. This has no effect on undead :xykon: "Oh wow, you've moderately inconvenienced me."

Cleric 8, Backstabber 8

You focus your magic into a force of destruction and unleash with a touch. Your foe screams what are very likely to be his last words. You smile.

As Slay living but if your foe makes his save he take 1d6 damage per 4 caster levels.

Greater spectral hand
Sor/Wiz 4

You feel the blood rushing to head, then your right hand, and the you feel intense pain. When the pain dies down you see a ghostly hand in front of you.

As spectral hand, but the maximum level of level of any touch spell you can cast through it is 8th, and you take 3d6 hit points (it has hit points equal to the number you lost in casting this spell)

New Magic item

Ring of quick counterspelling

This Gold and Platinum ring has emeralds inlaid in it, and is very potent is spell battles. A number of times per day equal to your unmodified caster level, you may ready a action to counterspell as a move action.

Caster level 11, forge ring, greater dispell magic.

New artifacts

Well of Abyssal minds

This artifact looks like a well full of violent swirling colors. When a CE Worshiper of Grazzt looks into it, he may use it as a spellbook, that has every wizard spell ever made. This well is located in Horicks throne room. If a cleric closes it (as described in Defenders of the faith) or Grazzt deems it necessary
the well condenses into the Ion Stone of the Abyss

Ion Stone of the Abyss

This is one of the most potent artifacts in the multi-universe. When commanded to float above a evil character, it protects the user from gaining taint, but deals one wisdom damage a week. It is impossible to remove this stone once it is commanded to float. Also, as long as you where this stone, you are Dominated (no save) by who ever you worship, even of you only pay lip service. When you say the command word again, you explode into a flurry of magic. You cast all spells prepared at the same time (you chose the target), as well as gaining extra spells for each spell level you have equal to your hit points. After using this artifact, the stone is destroyed, and you and your soul are removed from the universe (nothing can bring it back). This Artifact is impossible to put on accidentally. This artifact radiates a very strong aura of evil, which is detectable even without Detect evil. This Artifact can only be destroyed by smashing it with a diplomatic treaty in an antimagic field on a good outer plane.

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