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2008-01-19, 04:14 PM
I was inspired to create some vestiges, as the Binder class from Tome of Magic simply needed more of them. All the other classes seem to get expanded material, so I thought I'd add some.

This is the first in a series of new vestiges I will be creating. They are intended to be on the higher end of the spectrum, since that's the thinnest choosings.

I will admit beforehand that I was obviously inspired on this one, but wont' say by what. If you find it, good for you.:D

Nedam Nor'e
The Forgotten Mage-King

"I don't wanna die, I'm a god, why can't I live on?
Shell of a man God preserved -a thousand ages
But open the gates of my hell - I will strike from the grave."
- Ancient bard song concerning the Mage-King

Vestige level: 6-8 (Unsure of appropriate level
Binding DC: 40+ (Also unsure of appropriate DC)

Nedam Nor'e was once a human mage, and became a great and terrible king. His reign was supreme, and his command iron-fisted. Through magical augmentation, he was able to extend his life several fold, to the point no one knew when he hadn't been in command. Some saai he was gifted by the gods, others that he sold his soul in search of immortality. One thing is certain; his sanity was lost long ago to the ravages of time. In times of great need, Nedam Nor'e was able to summon moments of clarity. Unfortunately he was twisted and insane the rest of the time.

In the waning years of his kingdom, Nedam Nor'e scrambled for command. Even his own trusted clergy turned against him, and imprisoned him in a tower made of rare runically-attuned dwarven-forged iron. As only his highest priests were aware of his specific weakness, it was not difficult for even an insane man to figure out he had been double-crossed in the highest degree. Time and legend forgot the mage king, thinking him gone forever. Over the second millenia he was alive, Nedam Nor'e attempted escape time after time, eventually taking refuge in a portable dimension. Much energy and time was spent anchoring himself to this new place.

An untimely earthquake destroyed what was left of the tower, cursing Nedam Nor'e to a pocket dimension, alone for eternity. As time passed, he whispered his secrets to those that would bind his soul to theirs.

Special Requirement
Nedam Nor'e's seal must be drawn across a single piece of iron covered in specific runes. The runes are only known to the binder, and thus the iron sheet must be made either by him, or using his help. The iron must be at least a quarter inch thick and requires a craft check DC 18 (Unsure what type of check to use).
Special: The Ignore Special Requirements feat simply allows the piece of iron to be cut into one foot squares. This replaces the normal usage of the feat.

The runes across the iron disc glow white hot and the center swirls and begins to rise. The shape of a single spire takes form, growing to fill nearly the entire disc, its top impossibly tall. The tower slowly melts down to the form of a human, though he looks to be draped in the runed iron as if it were a second skin. His tone is metallic in nature, sounding as though a slight hum, and filled with echo.

Binders that show the sign of Nedam Nor'e have a constant gold crown floating just around their head. It is illusory, and thus is projected as being worn, however, it may not be removed, nor covered up. It is slightly transparent, but only to those that examine it. It looks to be covered in rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, all with a magical gleam to them. Should a binder be wearing something on his head, the crown shapes itself to fit "over" anything, so that it is on "top" of the pile.

In life, Nedam Nor'e was covetous of power, be it land, wealth, or anything measurable. As such, all binders that take a pact with him become greedy on all scales, and struggle constantly with the urge to have more of anything than someone they are in contact with for long. This lends itself to challenges and contests to prove superiority.

Granted Abilities
Nedam Nor'e grants binders the use of his pocket dimension, his presence, and his various magical augmentations.

Obsessed with Power: While bound to Nedam Nor'e, a binder benefits from one additional Pact Augmentation ability per five effective binder levels, chosen at the time of binding.

Augmented Life: While bound to Nedam Nor'e, a binder does not age, even magically. There are rumors that after long periods of time, binders keep Nedam Nor'e bound at all times, perhaps seeking immortality or a permanent psychosis to talk to. In addition, a binder receives a +2 insight bonus on his highest mental stat. Should there be a tie, the bonus is applied to the binder's choice.

Commanding Presence: While bound to Nedam Nor'e, a binder recieves a +4 enhancement bonus on his Charisma-based skill checks made to bring him an advantage over someone. This extends from lying and feinting in combat, to threats and torture. Any benefit gained by using this ability must be a viable option, and receivable nigh instantaneously, as Nedam Nor'e is intensely impatient. Example- Using a diplomacy check to gain someone's freindship, only to stab them in the back for it a moment later is acceptable; using a knowledge check to outwit and insult someone is not, and considered a petty use of power.

Gift of the Voidplane: Nedam Nor'e grants binders the ability to tap into a portion of his self-created pocket dimension for their own uses. A full-round action must be spent opening the portal, as it requires concentration. This manifests itself as a physical opening in space outlined in a glowing blue, and big enough for the binder to walk through. Attempting to open or close the portal provokes an attack of opportunity. The pocket dimension is an extra-dimensional space, five square feet in volume for every three effective binder levels (30 square feet for an 18th level binder). Since this pocket dimension is merely a piece of a larger dimension, it gains the life sustaining qualities of it as well. The air is breathable, and time passes allowing for decay to set in. The air can run out if not replenished. The inside of the dimension is a black void, speckled with shimmering stars. Lastly, magical attempts to locate someone or something inside the dimension are blocked as if the binder succeeded on his save.

Strike from the Grave: As Nedam Nor'e is intensely protective over his bound with a binder, he will strike any threatening creature nearby, given an opportunity. The binder is now granted an extra attack of opportunity per round. This attack is used first, before a binder may take one of his one. The attack takes the form of a phantasmal longsword, half in the material plane and half in the astral plane, giving it the Ghost Touch ability. It makes a melee attack using the binder's BAB + Charisma bonus and ignores half of the armor and shield bonuses to AC.

Opinions, comments, concerns?
I feel it should have an additional power, as well.

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No one has any comments? About anything?

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Place Holder {until I can collect my thoughts...} :smallbiggrin:

First glance, it's interesting, but the abilities aren't really quantifiable. Lack of definition leads to abuse. Tighten them up so they aren't so open-ended.
Also, something's itchin' in my brain in regards to this guy...

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Yeah, I'd agree with Gimlifett. It looks interesting but you do need to tighten the language up a bit.