View Full Version : Ultimate Classes?

2008-01-19, 10:21 PM
I found these "Ulitmate"character classes (http://www.liquidmateria.info/wiki/Ultimate_Classes) a day or two ago. I found them very intriguing, particularly rang of customization for each class. However, Im not the best at see faults in rules or game balance, being a not so experienced DnD player or DM. I just wanted to asked your guys opinion on these classes and if you have ever play tested them.

2008-01-19, 10:24 PM
Weird, I just found 'em today. Look pretty good to me, but I'm no expert either. I'm gonna look them over more this weekend.

Lord Tataraus
2008-01-19, 11:56 PM
I've looked through those classes extensively and as far as I know, this is an old project that has been thoroughly playtested and is more balanced than PHB classes. I'm going to play in a campaign that uses them soon and the DM has had experience with them, I'll PM him and see if he can contribute to this discussion.

2008-01-20, 05:08 AM
I know these classes since they were still posts at wizards and made by the original creator szatany. I love them, because they are very flavourful, customizable and already incorporate prestige classes.

I'm working on the project myself by now, some of them aren't really playable yet (sorcerer) but most are.
Talking about those, I love these too (another one of szatany's creations):