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2008-01-20, 01:00 AM
Since this is my first time posting on these threads I may be a little off so if you would bear with me, and let me tell you this tale, I would appreciate it.

The world I Dm is a very strange one, my comrade and I have re-made so much of the rules and such that it would take me a year to explain all the... modifications that we have done.

Currently I am in charge of the advancement of three particularly nasty monster groups; Reborn, Dark-Ones and Twists. And I also have come down with a very bad case of creativity block and thus I have turned to all you fine monster artists for help.

To start i would like to post one monster from each verity and then i will post how they were used any commons between there broods and the player reaction and a little bit of lore behind them if i can. If you should decide to help me please follow the guidelines i post below.

Also any opinions would be a very good thing.

P.S. Pardon my spelling.
The Guidelines

Please follow the below method of posting the creatures statistics, the method of how they may be used, and the most likely player reaction, aside from that ill get started.

Sample Reborn

Yrrsin (Death Ray) CR 7
Always NE Large aberration
Init +7 Senses Tremorsense Listen +8
Languages ---
AC 18, 15 touch, 12 flat footed
(+3 Natural armour, +6 Dex, -1 size)
Hp 56 (5d8+30) Dr 2/-
Immune: Sleep, Death and Charm/Domination
Fort +2 Ref +8 Will--*
Speed: 10ft, 20ft swim, 140ft fly (Average)
Melee: Sting +7(2d8+4 and Paralysis)
Full Attack: 2 stings +7(2d8+4 and Paralysis)
Space 10ft Reach 5ft
Bab +7 Grp +16
Attack options: Swallow whole, acid spray(4d6+7 1/day)
Spe Act: Invisibility1/day, Acid Blood/U]
Abilities: Str14 Dex 22 Con 14 Int 4 Wis 11 Cha11
Feats: Weapon Focus (Sting), Weapon Finesse
Advancement: 6-15(Large) 16-25 (Huge)

A Massive, Bleach white with pale blue splotches two tailed manta ray fly’s swiftly above you, it does not appear to notice you at first, but then promptly dives down mouth open to swallow you.

Yrrsin are just one of the extensive branches of reborn’s that plague the world, they travel in packs of at least 10-40, the real horns come out if their young are threatened if a young Yrrsin is threatened orhurt(Pray to whatever gods you worship) they will let out a sharp sound that alerts the whole pack to the distressed young, they start to swarm any creature in the area and utterly destroy anything to get to there young.

The Use

When I first introduced the Yrrsin my players were dumbfounded at the mere sight of one, they began to get out there weapons when it flew right over them. a pack of 20 were chasing an gnome moving laboratory which had captured one of there young to experiment on. this helped to get my players back onto the plot after a long subquest.

[U]Reborn Base Traits
D8 hit dice
Acid Blood, “Create Spawn"

My Player Reaction

"Hey guys, you remember those freaky manta-ray thingy's that we encountered a wile ago? Well there back and they look reeeaaallly pissed"
-Nester, Gnome Gear Mage

The Reborn are sead to be a scourge sent by the gods to torment and destroy mortal lives, they are a vast and diverse species, they have more forms than can be counted, rangeing from the small bomb like Vril-Spore, to the massive brood mother dwelling on the plane of pain.

There main color is always Bleach white.

Sample Dark-One

Shadeling CR 3
Always CE Small Undead
Init +17 Senses Dark vision 60ft,Spot+4 Listen +4
Languages: Deadspeak
AC 15 , 15 touch, 11 flat footed
(+4 Dex, +1 size)
Hp: 26 (2d12+10)
Immune: Undead Immunities
Fort-- Ref +4 Will +8
Speed: 40ft, 20ft climb
Melee: Claw +5(1d8+2 )
Full Attack: 2 Claws +5(1d8+2)
Space 5ft Reach 5ft
Bab +2 Grp +3
Attack options: Touch (1d4con dmg)
Weakness: Daylight Death
Spe Act: Shadow Shift, create spawn /U]
Abilites: Str12 Dex 18 Con--- Int 11 Wis 11 Cha11
Skills: Slight of Hand +5, Hide +10, Move Silently +6
Advancement: 3-5(Medium) 6-14 (Large)

Suddenly out of the shadows springs a small, roughly humanoid creature made of what appears to be solid shadow, its two lich green eyes focus in on you and it jumps at you taking a swing with its claw.

Shadelings are crafty and dangerous, they pray upon any mortal who is unlucky enough to step into there territory, if some of the people go off somewhere and never come back, they are probably having blood tea with the other shadelings by now.

There shadow shift ability lets them become incorporeal for 1d6 rounds.

The Use
My Cleric is a goody two shoes and often goes of to protect the people, in his case he came into a rumorly "Haunted" house and found nothing...at first, soon enough though he fell right into a shadeling ambush. He defeated them, but not before they took a fair chunk out of his Constitution score first, when the rest of the party found him, he was half dead surrounded by vaporised shadeling remains.

[B][U]Dark-One Base Traits
D12 hit dice
Shadow Shift, Create Spawn

My Player Reaction
"Heh, so much for a haunted house, no ghosts, zombies, not even a bloody dog skeleton, well I guess my work here is... Arrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!"
-Victor, Cleric of Estir


Dark ones are all a form of shade like Undead; some are capable of blending perfectly well into society, Like the Invisible man, while others, like the shadeling are driven ever onward by a lust to take life.

Sample Twist

Irrdred CR 2
NG Small Magical Beast
Init + Senses Low Light Vision 30ft,Spot+4 Listen +4
AC 17, 14 touch, 14 flat footed
(+ 3 Dex, +1 size, +3 natural)
Hp: 11 (4d6+2)
Fort +2 Ref +3 Will +1
Speed: 20ft, 30ft Fly (clumsy)
Melee: Claw +3(1d6) or Bite +3(1d4+1)
Full Attack: Claw +3(1d6) and Bite +3(1d4+1)
Space 5ft Reach 5ft
Bab +2 Grp -1
Spe Act: Scent, Poucne
Abilities: Str12 Dex 16 Con12 Int 8 Wis 12 Cha12
Feats: Alertness, Improved Evasion, Empathetic Link, Speak with Master
Skills: Hide +6, Move Silently +6, Climb +4

Irrdred has the front body of a small snow leopard, the back body of an artic fox and the wings of a snowy owl, he is the advanced familiar to the gear mage Nester.

The Example i presented here is the familiar to Nester, the party’s wizard, he bought him from an exotic animals merchant in Port Zeric, the prime example of these animals is that they are not all like Irrdred, they are however a mix of three animals or vermin, giving the new creature the abilities of the three creature it was mixed into.

[B]Twist Base Traits
Magical Beast
Highest animals hit dice
All abilities of the animals
All skills of the animals
Size is always that of the biggest animal

My Player Reaction
"Guys, you know how im morbidly rash and unthinking when it comes to animals, well... what do you think!"
-Nester, Gnome Gear Mage


Twists are made by a strange magical abnormality that only effects animals and vermin, this phenomenon, known as Twistwind, takes the nearest three animals or vermin to itself and fuses them together, some twists can be used as Familiars to wizards and sorcerer’s but others are simply savage magical beasts.

I Hope these idea's have inspires someone to help me out by making more of these fantastic, and dangerous creatures, im always open to new idea's and if anyone has one, just submit it to this thread. Thank you very much for reading.