View Full Version : Sneaky pseudoassassin build

2008-01-20, 07:14 PM
So I went ahead with my 3 man party and used 5 levels of beguiler. Now I have enough points invest into skills that I could go into a level of assassin.
BUT, I saw that the shadow dancer gets Hide in plain sight at level one; evasion, uncanny dodge, and darkvision at level two.
While assassin gets the death attack, 1d6 sneak attack, and poison use (I already have the basic assasin spell list). and level two I get a +1 DC against my poison and uncanny doge.

So I was wondering, how do you think I should take my levels? I was thinking Shadowdancer1/Assassin1/Shadowdancer2/Assassin+
So ill progress ECL6/ECL7/ECL8/ECL9+

any thoughts?

2008-01-20, 07:20 PM
It's much better to progress in full beguiler, or a level dip in Mindbender. Its spell list is pretty solid you know.

2008-01-20, 07:22 PM
How about grabbing the Dark template from the Tome of Magic and avoiding those Prestige classes entirely?

And even if you don't get the Dark template, still avoid those classes; the Beguiler's a full spellcaster--any caster levels lost will only make your character worse.

2008-01-20, 08:06 PM
Whatever you find most enjoyable. I'd consider asking your DM if he will let Assassin advance your Beguiler spellcasting instead of the standard Assassin PRC spellcasting. Power of Faerun did exactly that with the Merchant Prince PRC.