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2008-01-21, 02:26 AM
Hello All

I'm running a middle earth type game and wondering if there are any monsters out there that resemble tolkiens ringwraiths,or if i should just make my own.

If you think i should start from scratch, any suggestions?


2008-01-21, 02:59 AM
I don't know about their actual abilities, but Death Knights (from the Dragonlance setting and I think MMII) might work. I know they have some sort of doom-fire blast, but you could just cut that and be pretty close to okay, I think.

Also, the Wheel of Time RPG has the stats for the wraith-like creatures from that book series (I don't remember what they're called), and I think one of my old DMs was going to use them as Ring-Wraiths in one game we played. Don't know how close they are, though, since I haven't seen the stats.

2008-01-21, 08:49 AM
Evolved Dread Wraith?

2008-01-21, 09:27 AM
Ordinary dread wraith but delay the negative levels, increase the save DC and make them have to hit with a symbolic weapon instead of just a touch.

Actualy, dread wraiths are incorporeal while ringwraiths aren't...
Ok, no idea.
Aim for a high CR for an E6 campaign (6-7). Middle Earth is E6 right?

2008-01-21, 09:53 AM
I suggest checking out Thomas' homebrew Nazgul (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10746&highlight=Ring+Wraith). It's pretty spot on.