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2008-01-21, 02:10 PM
Hey all,

I'm a half-orc Barb 3 Fighter 2 that's looking at level 6. In Sword and Fist, there's the prestige class Tribal Protector. I have the right feat progression and skill requirements, so when I level I should be ready to go.

My DM and I are gonna have to tweak the class to get it to 3.5 usefulness, but what does everybody else think about it?


2008-01-21, 06:17 PM
It's okay for a two level dip, as long as you don't take any more than that. You have to get some mediocre feats like Great Cleave, but you also get a bonus feat at first level to make up for it. It's mostly good for picking up the ability to flurry with any weapon, since getting an extra attack with a two hander is pretty good.

The rest of its abilities are quite terrible, unless your tribal enemy is "anyone not from your tribe" and your homeland is "anywhere where there is air" which runs contrary to how the abilities should be interpreted. Even if its abilities weren't ridiculously situational, they're not that good anyway.

If you already have the feats to qualify the first two levels are decent, but after that, you're really better off just taking levels in something else (even fighter :P ).

2008-01-21, 07:40 PM
Y'know... if you're translating it into 3.5, that class just might be weak enough to justify a Tiger Claw maneuver every even-numbered level and maybe new TC stances at levels 5 and 10.

That woldn't mesh particularly well with the level 2 ability (unless the level 2 thing were given as a stance of its own, like those in the Deepstone Sentinal and JPM classes), but it might be worth a thought.

2008-01-21, 09:51 PM
I took this class for a Orc Barb 1/Foghter 8/Exotic Weaponmaster 1/Tribal Protector 2, Spiked Chain weilder. - Flurry of Strikes and Wild Fighting stack to give you 2 bonus attacks at -4 to all attacks. With hast at level 12 I got 6 attacks, and against high AC opponents switched my weaker attacks into touch attack tripps.

The campaign ended at this point, although we may pick it up again sometime, and if we do I intend to take further levels in Tribal Protector.

I took followers of Grumash as my Tribal Enemy (long story, but I came from a tribe that followed Coralleon) and had temerate foreats as my Homeland.

Tribal enemy, like favoured enemy needs some cooperation with your DM, but despite what it says in the book it's actually broader than favoured enemy for adventuring purposes. Unlike a monster type, their will always be enemies of an appropriate CR within a country or religion.

Tribal Homeland takes a bit more broadmindedness, but even their it's pretty managable. We aren't talking a city focused campaign, but so long as you accept that it works fine - Mountains,Sea, Swamp, Forest, Jungle, Cave systems, Plains. Pick one and concentrate in those type of areas.

One of the two significant problems is that it's designed as a wilderness fighter, and while having the approapriate class skills, it only has Fighter skill points. Increase the skill points to 4 or 6 skill points per level. (the other significant problem is a lack of capstone ability).

It's not a munchkin prestige class, but it's workable as melee type prestige classes go, but if you like a bit more muscle it's not hard to beef up a little bit. Anything from ToB works, you can also look at giving fast movement, blindsense in homeland type terrain and vs Tribal enemies. Also make all favored enemy feats work as Tribal protector feats instead if so chosen (or even possibly as well). There should definitely be some sort of Tribal enemy advancement over the 10 levels.