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2008-01-22, 03:59 AM
Crossbow Specialist.

Tossed this class together really quick tonight, had the idea a week ago or so.. tell me if you think of anything to change awesome wise or balance wise please :D

Sniper: A sniper is the guy who sits back a few hundred feet from the party at any time he can, and while the party drinks in a inn known for a bit of violence.. he is the one freezin away in the field watchin out.

Dualist: The mosquito of the team. A dualist is ever moving.. always shooting.
If you don't pay attention you may just end up more bolt than man.


4+int Skills.

Skill List: Tumble, Spot, Climb, Balance, Hide, Move Silently

Armor Proficiency: Medium

Weapon Proficiency: All Crossbows, Simple Weapons.

Tables are prettier in spoilers

Sniper only{table=head]level|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special
1|1|0|2|0|Madness of Choice, Snipers Aim +1d6
2|2|0|3|0|Snipers Pose +1
3|3|1|3|1|Snipers Aim +2d6, Freedom of the Foot
4|4|1|4|1|Eagles Eye +10'/+2
5|5|1|4|1|Snipers Aim +3d6,Snipers Pose +2
7|7|2|5|2|Snipers Aim +4d6
8|8|2|6|2|Snipers Pose +3
9|9|3|6|3|Snipers Aim +5d6
10|10|3|7|3|Eagles Eye +20'/+4, Uncanny Reload
11|11|3|7|3|Snipers Aim +6d6,Snipers Pose +4, Duelists Dance +4
12|12|4|8|4|Pick Your Targets
13|13|4|8|4|Snipers Aim +7d6
14|14|4|9|4|Snipers Pose +5
15|15|5|9|5|Snipers Aim +8d6, Eagles Eye +30'/+6
17|17|5|10|5|Snipers Aim +9d6,Snipers Pose +6
19|19|6|11|6|Snipers Aim +10d6
20|20|6|12|6|Eagles Eye +40'/+8, Snipers Pose +7[/table]

Dualist only{table=head]level|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special
1|1|0|2|0|Madness of Choice, Two-Weapon Fighting
2|2|0|3|0|Duelists Dance +1
3|3|1|3|1|Freedom of the Foot
4|4|1|4|1|Duelists Flurry -1
5|5|1|4|1|Duelists Dance +2
6|6|2|5|2|Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Fast Move +10'
8|8|2|6|2|Duelists Dance +3
9|9|3|6|3|Duelists Flurry +0
10|10|3|7|3|Uncanny Reload
11|11|3|7|3|Greater Two-Weapon Fighting,Duelists Dance +4, Duelists Flurry 2 attacks
12|12|4|8|4|Pick Your Targets, Fast Move +20'
14|14|4|9|4|Duelists Dance +5
16|16|5|10|5|Dual Perfection
17|17|5|10|5|Duelists Dance +6
18|18|6|11|6|Fast Move +30'
20|20|6|12|6|Duelists Dance +7[/table]

Madness of Choice: A Crossbow Specialist must chose at the beginning of his journey.At level one you chose either sniper or duelist, and get only the abilitys based on your choice as you advance in this class.

Freedom of the Foot: Starting at level 3, the Crossbow Specialist has learned, that not always can it get away with just a few bolts, and begins along the road of a freerunner. The Crossbow Specialist gains the ability to move at there land speed on vertical surface, must begin and end the round on a horizontal surface, or hanging onto a secure object.

Uncanny Reload (Ex): Crossbow Specialist are well known for the never-ceasing barrage of bolts they can launch at their enemies, seemingly never having to reload. Reloading a hand crossbow no longer provokes an attack of opportunity. Furthermore, while dual-wielding hand crossbows, a Crossbow Specialist still enjoys the full benefits of the Rapid Reload feat.
(shamelessly stolen)

Pick Your Targets: Starting at level 12, the Crossbow Specialist adds its DEX modifier to damage with crossbows.

Duelist Abilitys:

Two Weapon Fighting: At level 1, the Duelist gains the Two-Weapon Fighting feat.At level 6 the Duelist gets the Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat. At level 11 a Duelist gets the Greater Two-Weapon Fighting feat.

Duelists Dance: Starting at level 2, a Duelist gains a bonus +1 dodge bonus to ac as long as they move 10' in the round. This bonus improves by one every 3 levels after, capping at +7 at level 20.

Duelists Flurry: Starting at level 4, a Duelist may fire with a flurry of shots at the expense of accuracy, as a monk. When doing so, the Duelist may make one extra attack in a round at its highest base attack bonus, but this attack takes a -1 penalty, as does each other attack made that round. This penalty applies for 1 round, so it also affects attacks of opportunity the Duelist might make before its next action. When the Duelist reaches 9th level the penalty to hit disappears. The Duelist must use a full attack action to fire a flurry of shots. At level 11 the duelist gains another attack at its full Base Attack Bonus.

Fast Move: Starting at level 6, a Duelist gains a competence bonus to its land speed of +10'. This bonus increases by an additional 10 levels 12, and 18.

Dual Perfection Starting at level 16, a Duelist lowers the penalty to attack dual wielding crossbows by 2. Stacks with Two Weapon Fighting

Sniper Abilitys:

Snipers Aim: Starting at level 1, the Sniper gains Sneak Attack as a rogue against flat footed opponents, opponent must be within 3rd range increment.

Snipers Pose: Starting at 2 level, the Sniper may lay prone to gain a +1 competence bonus to attack. This bonus increases by 1 every 3 levels after, capping at +7 at level 20.

Eagles Eye: Stating at level 4, a Sniper increases the range increment of whatever crossbow he is wielding by 10' gets a +2 competence bonus to spot. This bonus increases another 10' and 2 at levels 10, 15 and 20.

Setup: Starting at level 6, a Sniper may chose to lose one shot to make an opponent flat footed for a round. May only be used once per round.

Head Shot Starting at level 16, a Sniper increases its critical multiplier and threat range by one when wielding a crossbow.

2008-01-23, 01:38 AM
wow, reminds me of a 5 level crossbow specialist prestige class i put together that I called the Crossbow Slinger. The class had both styles in mind, dual-wielding and sniping, though i used a variant on the Order of the Bow Initiate's Ranged Precission instead of sneak attack. I'll have to post it sometime, when I'm not busy with things like school work and projects.

As for your base class, very well done. My only gripe i can see thus far is that since you split the tables by style anyways, why include a composite table w/ all abilities in it? :smallconfused: It doesn't add anything by it being there, as you can't achieve both styles, anyways.

Baron Corm
2008-01-23, 02:23 AM
Wow way to post a class almost the same as me at the same time. That was weird.

Some pretty good ideas, I'll probably steal some of them if you don't mind.

Edit: Ah it was just a well-timed bump, well didn't see this yesterday. Also, one thing I saw from looking at the class a little harder was the ability to not use bolts? I think you should explain that a little farther. Can he still use magical bolts if he wants to? Why doesn't he have to use bolts in the first place? Needs flavor backup. Why does he get the ability to run up walls? Needs flavor backup. A couple of magic abilities thrown in there that don't mesh well aside, still some cool ideas :smalltongue:

Btw, Cieyrin, I would really like to see your class for some ideas too.

2008-01-23, 03:19 AM
To Cieyrin: done, useless table is TRASHED

To flyingpoo22: ill post up some flavor soon! the dualist side of this class was loosely based on the gun fighting style of "Gunz: The Duel."

2008-01-24, 01:23 AM
One thing I notice from reading over your abilities and tables is that the 2nd level ability in both classes don't match up the descriptions with the the tables in rate of gain. Your description says that you max at 18th at +6 but your tables say max at 20th at +7. Since your description also says it increases by 1 every 3, i believe the tables seem correct and the description's cap is wrong.

Also, your Eagle eye ability doesn't read too well. You need an 'and' in there between the range increase and spot bonus. On that note also, your table only states the range increase but not the spot bonus; i.e. Eagles Eye +40 at 20th. To which I believe you meant Eagles Eye +8/+40' or perhaps +40'/+8. The same for Fast Move, which could use the apostrophe; i.e. Fast Move +30'.

Finally, for the Duelist incarnation, you might have a look at the Uncanny Reload ability from the Boltborn class: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10755. I think it might make a little more sense then the Bolts Blessing but by no means kill it if you can come up with some good fluff to explain it.

2008-01-24, 02:17 AM
thankyou for pointing out my mistakes, the abilitys used to start at a higher level.. but i moved them.

all fixed now :D

2008-01-25, 02:38 AM
Well, I'm glad you liked the Uncanny Reload ability, just change your tables to reflect the change as well.