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2008-01-22, 08:40 AM
A better Batman with a sorcerer? Yes because of the spontaneous sorcerer class spellcasting for general utility with arcane preparation for wizard spells from a spell book via the Sword of the Arcane Order feat. IMO the synergy with PRC Paladin screams go sorcerer. Going Beguiler with PRC Ranger could be better than sorcerer without PRC Paladin:

Human high powered game build using Core/SRD + 2 other source books to utilize 3 non Core/SRD feats with plenty of room for customizing, optimizing and tweaking with other source books:

Cloistered Cleric -1*, Sorc - 6**, Thaum - 1***, (PRC Pladadin or PRC Ranger -2)****, 10 PRC levels to taste ((Thaumaturgist, Loremaster and Archmage (L15+)) Taking that 3rd level of PRC Paladin probably a good ideal)

Base Spontaneous Sorcerer spellcasting - 19 which can be tweaked for adventures with a spellbook along with Divine spellcasting - 1 and Turning for LG PCs with most Paladin abilities (Charisma based Divine Grace).

Mad Charisma and Intelligence (13 for level 9 spells with a +6 Item like a Headband of Intellect) so a nice skill monkey with Cloistered Cleric at first level decent wisdom - (13 required for casting Miracle with a +6 Periapt of Wisdom).

* with the Animal Domain for a PRC Ranger build (Less limited alignments), Turning and basic skill monkey

** Battle Sorcerer variant could be nice for keeping the build simple and mostly Core/SRD for No ASF in light armor

*** With BAB averaging with out the Battle Sorcerer variant otherwise make it 2 levels, allows utilizing Planar Ally for Wish spells from Noble Djinni or Efretti for very minimal experience cost via Improved Ally and a successful Diplomacy Check (Class skill for Clerics, PRC Paladins, Thaumaturgists) from L13+ and Raising the Dead from L9+ without a party cleric via Lesser Planar Ally to Call a Movanic Deva from the Fiend Folio to Raise Dead (Spell like ability).

**** For Non LG PCs it could be interesting to use one of the variant alignment Paladins otherwise PRC Ranger is the best option

Complete Divine: Arcane Disciple feat "Luck" for Miracle and Archmage PRC High Arcana for 2 freebie No experience Miracles a day since the Luck domain spells are cast as arcane spells via High Arcana plus the bonus domain Miracle which should be very easy to accomplish with suggested wealth by level at levels 19 and 20.

Complete Divine: Divine Metamagic feat since the PC has Turn/Rebuke Undead

Champions of Valor: Sword of the Arcane Order feat lets a "Paladin or Ranger" prepare wizard spells in his spell slots from a spellbook and cast based on Intelligence so a super sorcerer fix if incorporated into a build. Super super Batman with a general utility spell list that can be customized and tweaked for adventuring. In another non FRCS campaign I don't see why it couldn't be another god of magic besides Azuth or Mystra.

Thaumaturgist needs the Spell focus Conjuration feat. PRC Paladin needs mounted combat feat, turn/rebuke undead and casting prot from evil as a divine spell. Leveling in Thaumaturgist will provide most feats needed for Loremaster. Both Loremaster and Thaumaturgist PRCs are nice for entering into the Archmage PRC. Depending on PC alignment at level 18+ with Thaumaturgist - 5 the PC could have a Noble Djinni (ECL 16 (10HD +6)) cohort (L18 - 2 = 16 ECL Cohort).

Adding a SRD major bloodline probably a good ideal since they pay down so cheaply. Fey would be nice since Shaman treats genies as Fey +6 racial Bluff and Diplomacy checks for those Wishes.

To check out the feats:


2008-01-22, 10:46 AM
As a DM, I would never, ever allow free miracles.

I don't have the books on hand, so I can't comment if it's an OK use of RAW.

2008-01-22, 10:56 AM
As a DM, I would never, ever allow free miracles.

I don't have the books on hand, so I can't comment if it's an OK use of RAW.

Very reasonable position as a DM. I have been reading a lot of posts regarding power creep in the later edition source books so I have been messing around with what a PC can do by himself in game and mostly limited to Core + SRD with an occassional dip into another source book without purchasing underpriced IMO magical gear from NPCs (Very few of whom exist according to standard demographics) since I never had a DM let me acquire a Candle of Invocation in game.

Things like Planar Ally scrolls from a NPC (The NPC doesn't normally need the scroll unless they are something like an ECS Artificer (Non Core) who could make more by using it himself). The same for Candles of Invocation (Again requiring a CL17 caster who doesn't need it to cast the Gate spell normally and could make more by using the candle he doesn't need than selling it to a PC) or using Infinite Loops.

Mostly a rules and optimization exercise for me that someone might find useful in a very high level high powered game since it would break a standard game IMO.

Planar Ally with Diplomacy for Wishes via Thaumaturgist - 1 addresses game issues where a few (3) standard Miracle aren't up to the task for dealing with a problem with minimal experience cost to the PC and None with a Genie cohort (Noble Djinni (Although I certainly understand why any DM would take the position that unfortunately NO Wish granting Noble Djinni were available in the games to PCs as ECL 16 Cohorts)).

Included the hyper link in the original post to review the feats since High Arcana is in the SRD:

Arcane Disciple
Type: General
Source: Complete Divine

Choose a deity, and then select a domain available to clerics of that deity. You can learn to cast the spells associated with that domain as arcane spells.

High Arcana:

Spell-Like Ability
An archmage who selects this type of high arcana can use one of her arcane spell slots (other than a slot expended to learn this or any other type of high arcana) to permanently prepare one of her arcane spells as a spell-like ability that can be used twice per day. The archmage does not use any components when casting the spell, although a spell that costs XP to cast still does so and a spell with a costly material component instead costs her 10 times that amount in XP. This ability costs one 5th-level spell slot.

The spell-like ability normally uses a spell slot of the spellís level, although the archmage can choose to make a spell modified by a metamagic feat into a spell-like ability at the appropriate spell level.

The archmage may use an available higher-level spell slot in order to use the spell-like ability more often. Using a slot three levels higher than the chosen spell allows her to use the spell-like ability four times per day, and a slot six levels higher lets her use it six times per day.

If spell-like ability is selected more than one time as a high arcana choice, this ability can apply to the same spell chosen the first time (increasing the number of times per day it can be used) or to a different spell.

2008-01-22, 02:48 PM
Found a potential flaw in the build: Azuth and Mystra don't have the Luck domain in their portfolios although Oghma another god of knowledge does.

I believe that a level dip into the Contemplative PRC will address that issue if an Arcane Disciple is taken by the PC but it might not in all games because the arcanist PC is using it to acquire Miracle spell casting under High Arcana on a daily basis.

If there is a allied philospohy like the Order of the Blue Moon between Oghma and Azuth or Mystra that might do it also.

If Contemplative isn't an option and you like Dwarves there is always the Runesmith - 5 from Races of Stone for No experience Limited Wishes 2/day after paying down the initial experience point cost for a Permanent Rune (EX).