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2008-01-22, 02:30 PM
In the frozen north, newcomers carve their way into the tundra, shunting aside tribes of marauding goblins and enclaves of arctic elves. With a fury not visited upon the pure snow, they wage war savagely.

The Sathari'Gani are finally free, and woe be to those who will stand in the way of their conquest.

Like their twins to the south, the Faritha'Gani, the Sathari'Gani are creations of a powerful lich lord who had control over the elements. When the Faritha'Gani destroyed the lich lord, the Sathari'Gani were free to do as they wished. And what they wished to do was repay the world for letting them be enslaved.

The Sathari'Gani are not necessarily evil, but they are furious. Years of turning icy hearts to their hatred have made them unable to bear it any longer, and any who do not surrender to their rapid expansion are consumed by it without mercy or remorse. After they secure the tundras, who knows what will happen.

Personality - These days, most Sathari'Gani seem dangerous, always on the brink of rage. When calmed, they have a reserved, cold demeanor, and are slow to be roused to emotion. Even when furious, it's cold and detached - for them, revenge truly is a dish best served cold.

Religion - The Sathari'Gani typically embrace deities of cold, or else retribution. They do, however, hold a very pragmatic view of religion, and one will rarely find their churches in open conflict with each other.

Alignment - Sathari'Gani tend to be very lawful, with slight tendancies towards evil - especially mercilessness and ruthlessness.

Appearence - Sathari'Gani tend to resemble humanoid ice elementals, though no two look alike, and some have devlish or demonic traits as well. Fragile, crystalline wings (made of ice that does not allow them to fly), ever-foggy breath, blue skin, and a frosty touch are among the possibilities that a Sathari'Gani could possess.

Racial Features
+2 Wisdom, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Strength. Sathari'Gani are patient planners who can take their fair share of hits, but the frigid nature of their bodies leave them severely lacking in mobility.

Humanoid (Cold). Sathari'Gani take no damage from cold and take half-again as much damage from fire.

Medium. As medium creatures, Sathari'Gani have no penalites or bonuses associated with their size.

Base Land Speed 30

Coldhearted (Ex) - Sarathi'Gani blood is nearly frozen, their veins thick with ice. They are immune to Constution and bleeding damage as long as the surrounding temperature is below 70 degrees farenheit. Above that, their blood begins to thaw, allowing them to bleed as their blood flows.

Icewalking (Ex) - Sarathi'Gani never need to make balance checks associated with slippery surfaces such as ice or grease.

Ice Shaping (Su) - As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, a Sarathi'Gani may call upon his influence over ice and snow to draw forth a weapon from the ice. There must be ice and/or snow of sufficient mass to create the weapon, which may be any melee weapon with which the Sarathi'Gani is proficient. A nonmasterwork variety of the weapon, sized for a medium creature, is created in the Sarathi'Gani's hand. Treat the weapon as being made of steel. Weapons created this way last until they melt.

Tundra's Touch (Su) - The Sarathi'Gani cannot learn, cast, or use any spell or item that has the fire descriptor or that deals fire damage. Spells and items they use or cast that deal cold damage deal an additional 1d6 points of cold damage per level of the spell or caster level of the item.

Languages - Common, Aquan. Bonus Languages - Infernal, Celestial, Ignan, Terran, Auran.

Favored Class - Rogue (some DMs may wish to use Scout, if they possess the Complete Adventurer).

Level Adjustment +1

2008-01-22, 11:06 PM
Definitely using all four of these in my campaign world. I like them.

Although I'm considering now having the Sathari'Gani be the caster...perhaps some caster/combat hybrid class, so he can summon a snow drift then pull a blade out of it.

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Bump so I can find this - I'm using 'em soon ^_^

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What he said ^

I might use these too... Interesting. All four, of course. I like the Iron Souls.