View Full Version : Rules Compendium addiction

2008-01-22, 02:50 PM
Iíve owned the Rules Compendium for three weeks now, in which time Iíve played two sessions with my D&D group. I have never loved a sourcebook like I love the Rules Compendium. Obscure rules, exceptions to common rules, debate over interpretation, anything that comes up I can solve it in under a minute.

I never used to be a rules lawyer, I hope Rules Compendium doesnít make me one. If the DM makes a ruling, thatís law. But if my DM needs input on the ruling, I bust open the Rules Compendium faster than you can say ďWhereís the PH?Ē I even found rules for tripping a mounted character in seconds. And I found out that swift and immediate actions donít provoke attacks of opportunity.

I feel bad that gamers switching to 4th probably wonít pick this book up. It has sped up game play so much and cut out so much player-DM debate, my D&D experience has never been so good.