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2008-01-22, 09:50 PM
Now, has anyone here ever seen a zombie which could full attack? Like, with more than one attack? Because I thought it was kind of odd when my DM told me my wizard was dead after a zombie bear attacked it. Now, granted, he shouldn't have been standing next to the bear, but isn't the reason a Zombie's CR is lower than its counterpart mostly due to the fact that that bear can no longer claw-claw-bite you to death in one shot? [/bitter post-PC-death rant]

2008-01-22, 09:59 PM
The MM states that they can only take a single move action or attack action in each round. In none of the entries for any of the examples can a zombie perform a full attack, even if their BAB was high enough or they had multiple natural attacks.

Then again, did your DM houserule that they could or was it an oversight on their part?

2008-01-22, 10:04 PM
Obviously the Rule of Cool is being invoked here.

2008-01-22, 10:12 PM
Fo' sho'. I'm going to be running an advanced undead campaign for some friends soon and zombies will be able to full attack with natural weapons only, but I've already told them about this, just so that they don't pull a, "Pfft, they're only kobolds zombies!"

2008-01-22, 10:27 PM
There are a few 'Fast Zombie' variants/templates around that could change things. Zombies also keep 'Ex qualities that improve natural attacks' and can partial charge, so a Pouncing zombie could still charge and pounce (and rake, since it's probably one of the big cats). That particular part doesn't apply to bears, tho.

2008-01-23, 12:36 AM
Karnathy (or however it is spelled) Zombie from ECS can take full-round actions IIRC.

Grey Paladin
2008-01-23, 11:04 AM
Now, has anyone here ever seen a zombie which could full attack?

A) As long as the bear didn't start the routine with a natural weapon, by the rules he could throw in his natural attacks with -5/-2 (respectively) penalties.

Then again, if a zombie bear attacked you with an Axe, the DM *was* trying to kill you and no matter what the rules say, you lose.

B) Zombie Hydras can attack once with each head as a standard action.

2008-01-23, 11:44 AM
Did the DM specifically say it was a zombie bear or just that you saw what looked to be a zombie bear? That could be a huge difference. Not everything is as it seems.

2008-01-23, 12:56 PM
A Zombie bear could attack, improved grab, and crush with one action.

2008-01-23, 03:49 PM
It was a black bear with the zombie template applied. It was also from a Mongoose Publishing module (which is odd in that the DM demanded that we only use WoTC 3.5 material, but didn't like the skill trick Collector of Stories, thinking it too broken, when not only is a full-attacking zombie broken, Collector of Stories could potentially have bumped up my Knowledge: Religion check enough to know that this zombie could full attack:smallannoyed:).

2008-01-23, 04:20 PM
Have you talked to your DM about it? That would probably be a good first step to knowing what happened. Alternatively, he could be one of those DM's that thinks Rule Zero makes them infallible, but it's worth a shot.

2008-01-23, 04:25 PM
Unsurprisingly, I cried "shenanigans" during the battle (about 5 minutes or so after Oaken (wizard in question) died, but he was just kind of, "That's exactly what it says in the module under 'Full Attack'!"

2008-01-24, 11:52 AM
Well besides it being a module. it could have been the template from BoVD theres zombie templet i belive in the back next o skeletal.

2008-01-24, 01:17 PM
My first thoughts were "corpse creature," but then you said 3.5 only.
Something's fishy here...