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Lady Tialait
2008-01-23, 02:23 AM
In the Mysterious place of the Southern Desserts there is a nation that is ruled by a powerful Diviner, his name is Lord Maester Mika WildSoul, Master of Kiarao.
His life has led him to Retire in this place after a Mysterious Illness Claimed his life has he knew it. The Illness slowly turned him into a Crystal Statue that he had polymorphed into a Crystal Ball. The Country of Kiarao is a place that is enthralled with the ideal of Alchemy. To the point that most can pull off making a tanglefoot bag.

Lord Mika
Male Grey Elf
Diviner (Banned Enchantment) 4/Master Specialist 10/Fatespinner 4/Archmage 2
(This is to be filled out at a later date.)

Kiarao Alchemy [General]
The skills of the Southern Country have been reviled to you.
Prerequisites: Some ability to cast by either Spell or Spell-like ability, Craft (Alchemy) 4 Ranks.
Benefits: You may combine 2 or more Alchemical substances. Combining 2 substances allow getting both effects or getting double the effect if it's the same substance. You may combine substances together equal to 1/5 the ranks you have in Craft (Alchemy)
Normal: You may not Combine Alchemical Substances.

Lord's Alchemist

Perpetuates: 8 ranks Craft Alchemy,
Feats: Kiarao Alchemy, Favored in Guild (one of the four)

HD 10
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Oath to Order, Order Ability

+3|Alchemical Boost +2

+3|Order Ability

+4|Alchemical Boost +4

+4|Order Ability

+5|Alchemical Boost +6

+5|Order Ability

+6|Alchemical Boost +8

+6|Order Ability

+7|Master Ability, Alchemical Boost +10[/table]

Oath to Order:
You are required to uphold the codes of your guild, in addtion you must keep your guild dues, depending on the Guild this may be different, if you willingly do something against the Code of Conduct set down by your guild, you will not be allowed to advance anymore levels till you Atone and pay the corrects fines.

Alchemical Boost (ex): A Second level or higher Lord's Alchemist gains the ability to add +2 to the saves DCs or the damage of damage effects, (but not both if they can apply) This can be added as a Swift action when the Alchemical substance used. This ability Increases by and add ional +2 at 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th.

Order Ability (ex, or su):

Mystic Acussnia:
Also known as the Alchemist Smith. They gain abilities that allow them to imitate Magical properties.

1st level an Acussnia learns to Mimic magical abilities allowing him to create a powerful Sudo-magical weapon, he may give an Alchemical boost to a weapon Equal to 1/2 his Lord's Alchemist level rounded down. This boost is to Hit and Damage. And overcomes DR for Magical and +whatever his ability allows for.

3rd level An Acussnia learns to channel his knowledge of Magical weapons to create more potent effects. He may make a weapon with any Ability in the DMG that has a price equivalent of up to + 1/4 his Lord's Alchemist Level.

5th level an Acussnia can even surpass Magical abilities in his Alchemical studies, He can create a substance that he can spread over any weapon he has created to Reestablish the abilities, this allows him to change what has been created in the weapon For example, he makes a +1 Flaming Long sword when he gets to level 3, but now he wishes to make it a little more potent. He pours this concoction over it and can make it a +2 Flaming Long sword or any other thing he could create.

7th level an Acussnia can Far surpass any other Smith, (other then another Acussnia ofcorse) He can create any weapon or armor he could usually create in 1/4th the time. In add ion any bonus is half price. His quality gives it a bonus to hit equal to 1/4th his Lord's Alchemist Level, this stacks with any other abilities he may have added to the weapon and does not cost anything extra.

9th level an Acussnia is an Asthma to Magical Items they can make a successful touch attack with its hand causes the target magical arms or armor to corrode, falling to pieces and becoming useless immediately. The touch can destroy up to a 10-foot cube of such substances instantly.

A magical weapon that deals damage to an Acussnia corrodes immediately. Non-Magical weapons are unaffected.

Body Crafter:
Also known as 'Vipers' or 'MetaBeings', they specialize in not only being the alchemist but also the product and a factory for more products at the same time.

1st level Crafters gain the ability to alter their bones into pliable substance known as cartilage, this has several advantages, and first they gain the following Immunities:
Polymorph, stunning, critical hits and flanking.

Sadly this affects their ability to use Armor, and they take 2x all armor check penalties, and 2x the spell failure chance.

3rd level Crafters gain the ability to create glands in their bodies to create Alchemical substances; these can be located anywhere on their bodies, and Secrete 3x their Lord's Alchemist level of uses of the type of Alchemical substance that the gland creates. They may have up to their Con Modifier in such glands. It is a standard action to secrete the substance. At this level they gain Immunities to poisons.

5th level crafters gains the ability stretch their body beyond the normal abilities of their race, this gives him a 10ft. reach for their Touch attacks. In add ion they may once per Five class levels give themselves a burst of Adrenaline, this allow them an effect like Haste.

7th level Crafters no longer seem to be their former race, but an Alchemical creation. Their very touch is like dipping your hands in a concoction. They gain a Touch attack that acts like any gland on their body; this can be chosen as a Swift action. In addition anyone who deals damage to a crafter with a melee weapon or a Natural weapon gets the effect of whatever substance is affecting their skin. In add ion, their secretion is a Move action instead of a Standard.

9th level Crafters are factories for their creations. They are horrors to look at and often hide when in public setting behind thick clothing. They do not effected by Death effects, Magical Healing, or Negative Energy Effects; they are affected by Repair Spells instead. Also, any Alchemical substance they can create can be drank to heal them 1D6 damage to them (as if they where drinking a healing potion). They also Gain Fast Healing 2.

Wind of Change:
Also known as 'Transmutes' or 'Flippers' are actually poison masters, instead of the Regular means of creating Alchemy. They specialize in Poisons and other such.

1st Changers are trained in the use of poison and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves when applying poison to a blade. In addition they gain the ability to use their Alchemy Boost ability on the saves for poison.

3rd Changers learn the minor abilities of their Alchemy, as such. They can reverse the problems of poison to the point it's actually healing the damage it could have done. For example:
Sassone leaf residue would heal 2d12 hp would heal 1d6 Con one minuet later.

5th level changers can spend one day modifying their poisons adding their Lord's Alchemist level to the poison's Save DC.

7th level changers can double any effect from a poison; this cannot be used with their 3rd level ability.

9th level changers are poison masters; as such they can change any type of poison (inhaled contact or injury) into any other type.

Kiaraoian Master:
Masters of creating Concoctions that are un-Rivaled among others.

1st level if a Master would gain bonus damage to a damaging Alchemical effect (by Alchemist boost or by using Kiarao Alchemy) they gain instead Double that much in damage.

3rd level Masters gain an insight into Alchemy and may add their Lord's Alchemist level to damage this is not effected by their 1st level ability. In addition, they may instead of adding this damage, may choose to maximize the damage.

5th level Masters have such insight on the damages their substances can do, they can choose to make any Alchemical substance they create to instead of the regular damage deal pure destructive damage.

7th level masters have learned the ability to shape their Alchemical substances, creating one of the following
120 foot line, 60ft Burst, or an 80ft. Cone. Effect of their damage on a Damaging Alchemical Effect.

9th level Masters have such understanding of their craft that they do not fear it, and gain resistance 20 to Alchemy Effects; this applies to saves or as Damage Reduction.

Master Ability: Each Guild has a Master Ability they are as follows.

Mystic Acussnia: Vorpal Blade, a 10th level Acussnia can Add Vorpal to any weapon they create (even things that do not qualify)

Body Crafter: Play God, a 10th level Crafter alters a single animal to be a creature like themselves. He chooses from the following list:
badger, camel, dire rat, dog, riding dog, eagle, hawk, horse (light or heavy), owl, pony, snake (Small or Medium viper), or wolf. It gains the abilities that the Crafter had gained as Order Abilities, and is loyal to the crafter. In add ion it gains
Death Throes
When killed, the creature explodes in a blinding flash of light that deals 20 points of damage to anything within 30 feet (Reflex DC 10+Con Modifier half). This explosion automatically destroys any weapons the Creature is holding.

A crafter may only have one such animal at a time it takes 3 weeks to create them.

Wind of Change: Toxic, a 10th level Changer gains the ability to create poisons that are harmless in the system but then give the possessor a deadly bite or touch attack, to deliver the poison. They can do this to any poison.

Kiaraoian Master: Explosives Expert, a 10th level Master can use up to 5 Alchemical damage dealing substances in one round, this a Full round action useable 1/encounter.

Alright this my idea, it's still pretty rough and needs help but it's mostly just the consept...please assist.

Edit: Fixed an error with the Chart, Ran it through a Spellchecker on Wordpad...

Edit: Changed Master Blaster to Explosives Expert, thankies M.

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I feel sad now, I usally atleast get a complant on my spelling errors (I know there are some, but my spelling is horrible, so I just wait for others to say something). That...kinda makes me depressed...*sigh*

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2008-01-23, 07:59 PM
First you made quite a few spelling errors, which you should correct as soon as possible. Second, please use a clearer and easier to use format so I can make more sense of your work and use the bold, italics and underline font options as needed. Third, move the "Boost +4" to row five column six and delete row six. As for Master Blaster, the ability doesn't sound bad but the name does. That's all I have to say right now.

Lady Tialait
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Yah, for some reason the compuer i'm on's Spellchecker doesn't work, if someone else could run it through one for me....i'll dance at their wedding.

As for the Chart, i'll do some editing on that (made it when i was half asleep).

As for the name of Master Blaster, any suggestion on a new name? It was the best i could do.

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2008-01-23, 09:35 PM
As for the name of Master Blaster, any suggestion on a new name? It was the best i could do.

Explosives Expert maybe?

Lady Tialait
2008-01-24, 07:40 AM
Sounds better, I'll be changing it...thanks for the imput.

any other questions comments....claims to be britney spears?

I'm looking throug my DMG II and i think i'll add more about the Orders.

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This looks like a perfect Prestige Class for an Epic version of Tucker's kobalds.

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Wow, when I made this PrC and Feat i said to myself "Alrihgt Tia, make something blantantly overpowered, with something that sucks." and this is what I ended up with.

Yay!, It's blantantly overpowered, makeing it perfectly Balanced...

*highfives herself* All hail the creater of prefection