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2008-01-24, 12:56 PM
Exposure to magical effects as a character adventures leaves it's trace on the body.

Caster Level:
At caster level 4/10/16, a caster grants an Enhancement Bonus of +2/+4/+6 to their Casting Stat.

Weapons and Armor:
At +5/+12/+19 BaB, a character bestows a +1/+2/+3 Enhancement bonus to Weapons and Armor used while they use it. Monks (and classes who advance the monk unarmed attack bonus) are considered full-BaB classes for the purpose of enhancing monk special weapons and their unarmed attack.

Stats and Saves:
At +4/+6/+10 Base Reflex, gain +2/+4/+6 Enhancement to Dexterity.
At +4/+6/+10 Base Fortitude, gain +2/+4/+6 Enhancement to Constitution.
At +4/+6/+10 Base Will, gain +2/+4/+6 Enhancment to one of (Cha, Int, Wis). (You can change which whenever you gain a level).
At +4/+10/+16 BaB, gain +2/+4/+6 Enhancement to Strength.
At ECL 4/10/16, gain a +1/+2/+3 Enhancement bonus to all Saves.

These bonuses do not stack with enhancements from buffs or magical items.

They are intended to reduce the importance of the "canon" magical stat modifying items. You can still get items good enough to grant a bonus, but they aren't so large that they dominate your character's power.

2008-01-24, 02:20 PM
this system has some cool potential, especially for low magic campaigns.

however, therin lies the problem as well. even in a normal or high-magic campaign, there would probably have to be a different reasoning, a different cause for the enhancements. magic might be a reason for one character. maybe psionics for another. maybe supreme willpower and luck, for the magicless fighter or rogue. maybe demonic ceremonies, ritual murder, etc...

2008-01-24, 02:40 PM
...Or maybe relying on the your reflexes to stop you from becoming a cinder day-to-day results in a somewhat enhanced level of mobility.

Go,go, darwinism!

Tequila Sunrise
2008-01-24, 04:24 PM
Looks cool. My system (http://lucasbuchanan.com/Bonus%20Points) goes even further and pretty much eliminates need of the Big Six.


2008-01-24, 06:32 PM
The goal (at least until the high end) isn't to make gloves of dexterity and similar items useless -- but rather, to make lower end items less useful as you gain levels.

It reduces the need for those items, which frees up the slots for more interesting if less mechanically broken gear to be used instead.

The bonus to armor/weapons is there for a slightly different reason: it is there in order to make sure that a disarmed warrior isn't a gimp. I'd toss in the requirement that a magic weapon or armor has to have at least half of it's bonuses rolled into enhancement (so a +10 weapon must be +5 enhancement, and +5 other) (which also avoids greater magic weapon cheese).