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2008-01-24, 04:09 PM
All Aboard for Chattacon! (http://www.wanderingmen.com/wanderingmen/cons/all_aboard_for_chattacon.html)
Thursday, 24 January 2008


The Wandering Men are packing up and heading out - towards Chattanooga, Tennessee - for Chattacon! This will be our first time attending this convention and I have to say that we're all pretty "stoked" about it! [more... (http://www.wanderingmen.com/wanderingmen/cons/all_aboard_for_chattacon.html)]


Transmog Released (Men: the Wandering Cards - Set II)! (http://www.wanderingmen.com/wanderingmen/freebies/transmog_released_men_the_wandering_cards_-_set_ii.html)
Wednesday, 24 October 2007

"I'm telling you - something happened to us on that ship - something terrible! I have no doubt now that it was tied to the relic, but what it did to us I still cannot fathom... Somehow, it changed us, morphed us - it made us into something far less than we were to begin with! I feel thin and shallow, like watery little ink, scratched upon the flat surface of parchment!"

- Tenet, beginning to realize the True Horror of Transmog

Behold the next edition of our Men: the Wandering cards - just in time for our trip to Chattacon! [more... (http://www.wanderingmen.com/wanderingmen/freebies/transmog_released_men_the_wandering_cards_-_set_ii.html)]