View Full Version : NWoD Thread: Spirit-Claimed as PC

2008-01-25, 03:24 PM
Yes, I know. "The Claimed are nothing more than tools of the true spirits, and are aberrations in the natural order, etc." (I don't know the exact quote, not owning Wt:F, but that's the vibe I get). However, I say that since part of the Delishu (Am I spelling that right?) in question is still a human soul, I say it is possible for one to have human desires and motivations, thus making them a viable playable character, albeit only if the concept the aforementioned Claimed is of is benign or helpful in nature. I would not think of playing a Delishu of Sadism, for example. So here's my idea:

Character was a perfectly normal paranormal investigator (i.e., very eccentric) who, during his routine examination of a haunted house, made contact with a raven spirit who lived there, feeding on the "deathly" energies related to the resident ghost. They found this to be mutually beneficial, with the spirit helping direct the investigator to sites of paranormal activity, and the latter in turn allowing the former to feed on his psychic enegies in relation to his morbid intrests. Over time, one thing led to another, and, quite accidentally, they fused into one. The new Claimed isn't exactly sure what to make of his new state of existance, but since his spirit half feeds on concepts relating to death, many of which aren't exactly nice (Disease spirits, anyone?), he's decided to furfill his childhood dream of being a superhero, and protect normal people from those afromentioned nasty spirits while saitiating his hunger for essence by eating the ones relating to death.

Is this a viable PC idea? If so, what would be a good Ban for him? How should he react to werewolves, and vice versa, given that they're both trying to be the same thing (Spiritual cops)? How many moments of "comic relief" for his inborn liking of shiny things?

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