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2008-01-27, 06:06 PM
I am DMing for a group of people that I know but can't prove are rule luders, dice changers, cheesers and ebic chapters. I want to beat them and beat them good but not a open rock falls everyone dies. I need a monster to beat but close. It should have the "True death" effect from the elder gods D&D book.

2008-01-27, 06:14 PM
You have chosen the path of defeat.

DM's job is to run a game that everyone will enjoy, not "beat the players". That mindset will cost you your players who won't play your game again.

2008-01-27, 06:19 PM
I did I say that they cheat and I'm the only one for miles willing to DM for them.

2008-01-27, 06:39 PM
How do you know they are cheats, if you cannot prove it? Anyway, some of the easy ways of getting around the problems that you've mentioned:

Visible dice rolls: All dice rolling must be visible to the DM, who in turn should make all dice rolling visible to the players unless secrecy is required. If you don't see it, it doesn't count.

Character Audit: Take in all the character sheets, go through them and flag up any errors. Double check with the players to see if it's a genuine mistake, them cheating, or something you've overlooked.

No Books, No Beef: If everyone doesn't have access at the table to the rulebooks with the appropriate rules in for any feats, spells or abilities, then those feats, spells or abilities can't be used. Basically, if a player wants to use Uberfeat, then he must bring along Complete Uber, or at least a photocopy of the relevant pages to the session.

Basically, I think you're looking for an in-game solution to out of game issues, so I won't suggest anything other than the advice above.

2008-01-29, 12:06 PM
Exactly. Cheating needs to be dealt with outside of the actual game.

Now if they are twinks that use the rules to create uber characters that while legitimate are still game-breaking that can be harder to deal with. You could just scale up the encounters, or just tell them that they can't use anything out of Uberbook because it doesn't fit in your world.

2008-01-29, 12:33 PM
Srsly. If you hate these guys so much, just don't play with them. Alternatively, talk to them, and if they like high powered campaigns make a killer dungeon. But don't seek to punish them.

I don't think anyone will care if they are the Uber-Douche, D&D is about fun and using it any other way just kinda sucks.

Atticus Bleak
2008-01-30, 03:04 AM
I, sadly, agree with the masses (yay masses!) and want to say that "punishing" your players with a TPK is just cruel. Now, if your players are doing things like instead of looking for a key just cutting a door in half, or killing the merchant and taking his gold and stuff, well then yes thats a punishable offense, but not with death, with something more like a curse out of the Ravenloft handbook, or having the guard after them. But frankly, the way i deal with cheaters is i refuse to play with them. If i know they lied about their bonus or their roll, or their feat is bull, then I'll call them on it and tell them not to bother coming to the next session, because they're not welcome.

I guess my point is, without details on what their doing, I can't give you sound advice, but from what you said about ubergaming and changing die rolls, then just tell them no. I once had a guy, he was a really cool guy, always brought drinks for everyone, bought gifts for birthdays, had a fun, balanced character with a great backstory, but his die rolls were cursed, i mean the stuff of legends cursed, and so he always lied about them, and everyone knew it, so eventually just so i knew he wasn't lying we agreed i would roll the dice for him, any attack roll or saving throw, I would roll it out there on the table so everyone could see it. He's still in my group, but thats just an example...wow i talk to much...:smallbiggrin:

Lady Tialait
2008-01-30, 03:12 AM
I had a cheater in my group ONCE, I told him "I catch you cheating and you get not only the boot from my game, but your charitor sheet will be torn up infront of everyone, and you won't find a DM in this town who will allow someone I say is a cheater" needless to say my hollow threat worked.

Pretty much if your firm about cheating, it doesn't happen, I mean, you don't have to DM you can choose not to. and that is a good threat.

2008-01-30, 03:44 AM
Yeah It doesnt sound like you want to DM for them, so just dont.

Otherwise get copies of their sheets. Make them do point buy. Have all roles done on the table in front of everyone.