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2008-01-27, 07:13 PM
I've been on the hunt for some sort of blend between my favorite system, Incarnum, and what I see to be its natural extension (at least for the good and lawfully aligned): Exalted Deeds. Now its obvious that an Incarnate with Vow of Poverty isn't quite as gimped as a normal character due to the fact that chakra binds disable magic items at their locations anyhow, but a little synergy never hurt anyone. I'm not on a quest to find some cheese or optimize the incarnate to make him the most fantastic class ever, I'm merely looking to have a bit of fun with two concepts I think work well together.

Exalted Meldshaper [Exalted, Incarnum]
By drawing from the souls of the greatest sources of good in the multiverse you can build a bastion of good on this world in your body.
Prerequisite: Ability to Shape Soulmelds
Benefit: You can shape soulmelds with the Exalted descriptor. These soulmelds function just as would any other soulmeld unless specified otherwise in their description.
Normal: You can only shape soulmelds on your class list.

Exalted Essentia [Exalted, Incarnum]
With your connection to the most powerful souls of good in the multiverse you are able to draw even more power from your own soul to emulate their benevolence.
Prerequisite: Ability to Shape Soulmelds, Exalted Meldshaper, Character level 6th
Benefit: You gain two essentia usable only in Exalted or Good aligned soulmelds.

For this feat I may also add Bonus Essentia as a prerequisite because Bonus Essentia would set the precedent of being able to tap into even more power.

While in my search for something amazingly exalted and incarnum I found so very little it borders on nothing. What I did manage to find was a soulmeld that was exalted only in name created by The Demented One, the Exalted Mantle of the Paladin (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26877) (its on there somewhere. >.<). Used and altered with consent.

Exalted Mantle of the Crusader
Descriptor: Exalted, See Below
Classes: Incarnate, Soulborn
Chakra: Arms, Hands, Heart, Soul

You shape incarnum into a shining suit of armor, glowing with the celestial fire of an angel.

This soulmeld channels the souls of crusaders into a weapon of pure goodness. When shaped by an Incarnate, this soulmeld is treated as being either lawful or good, depending on the incarnate's alignment. When shaped by a soulborn, it is both lawful and good. You gain the ability to, once during the duration of the soulmeld, smite evil, exactly as a paladin of your meldshaper level would.

For every point of essentia you invest in this soulmeld, you may smite evil one additional time. Once essentia has been invested in this soulmeld, it may not be reassigned for 24 hours.

Chakra Bind (Arms)
The arms of your brilliant arm shine brightly with a sacred luminance.

You may make a turn undead attempt exactly as a cleric of your meldshaper level would. You may turn undead a number of times equal to the number of times you could smite evil during the duration of the meld.

Chakra Bind (Hands)
The gauntlets of your armor shine with soothing light, as positive energy runs through them.

You gain the lay on hands ability of a paladin of your meldshaper level. For every point of essentia you invest you may treat your charisma modifier as one higher for the purpose of this ability.

Chakra Bind (Heart)
Your armor shines brighter still, and flows around you until it completely covers you in its divine embrace.

You gain DR 1/chaos and evil. This DR is increased by 1 for every point of essentia you have invested.

Chakra Bind (Soul)
The gleam of your armor grows until it extends in a nimbus of light around your body.

You can a Sacred bonus to AC equal to the essentia you have invested. Your armor sheds light as a common lamp: bright to a radius of 5ft and shadowy illumination to 10ft.

Exalted Mantle of the Crusader adjustments for a particular game:
"Exalted Mantle of the Crusader is obviously adusted for my new Paladin rules.
- You Smite Evil (though not Chaos) 1/5 rounds, with a 1 round reduction in wait time for every point of Essentia you invest.
- You turn Undead once + 1 exra time for every Essentia point you invest.
- Lay on Hands is adjusted as mentioned in the houserules section."

2008-01-27, 08:20 PM
Normal Soulmelds
This section is devoted to non-exalted soulmelds and this post may eventually include other things as well.

Darfellan Gorget
Descriptor: None
Classes: Incarnate
Chakra: Throat

Calling upon some of the greatest seafaring folk in the world you collect the spirits of the slaughtered Darfellan people and other similar races to increase the capacity of your longs over long periods of time. An ebony stone collar forms around your neck with a white spot just over your larynx within which a shimmering blue gem is set.

This soulmeld grants you the ability to hold your breath for long periods of time. You can hold your breath for a number of rounds equal to 5 times your Constitution score before you risk drowning.

For every point of Essentia you invest in this Soulmeld you can hold your breath for a number of additional rounds equal to your Constitution score. Once you invest essentia into this soulmeld you may not change it for 24 hours.

Chakra Bind (Throat)
The gorget sinks into your skin with your upper shoulders and neck turning a deep black almost glossy shade. The gem disappears into your throat and the white spot grows slightly.

When bound this soulmeld grants you the ability to breathe underwater for a number of hours per day equal to your meldshaper level plus one hour for every point of essentia you have invested.