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2008-01-28, 11:33 PM
Hey guys, i wanted to get around to this sooner but problems arose due to time I can only make the thread currently

now as you know, the Homebrew compendium is out of service sadly, as the person running it is missing. Personally i've been stealing your great ideas for my own benefit and i felt the need to orginize them for other people who like me, enjoy using other people's ideas in their world or reading homebrew. Remember some of these threads are dead, so check before you post on them. If for whatever reason you don't want your homebrew here, PM me and i'll not include it

Now i planned to organize this very carefully, but time is threating me, so i'm just going to get this thread started. i have a few homebrews ready, but frankly, i don't want to post them without organizing my self first, so starting tomorrow i'm going to be posting these. They might overlap with the existing compendium but i dont' really care, use what ever one you want (though could this thread be stickied)
Now I need to go to bed but i will be bad with a consistent list on the nest post trust me. The next few posts are reserved for my posts, so forgive the triple post. Please feel free to post any homebrews you like

2008-01-29, 12:23 AM
me and my friend have been going crazy home brewing as of late, and here is a pile of some of the stuff we finished, sorry its all in one post.

if you want more organization, your totally allowed to post them separately.
just toss my name and sampandas name in there somewhere :D


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Fax Celestis
2008-01-29, 12:30 AM
A complete list of everything I've posted on the fora is here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3506417#post3506417).

Innis Cabal
2008-01-29, 12:38 AM
just posting for a spot...ill need to actually rip things from alot of places...so itll take time, but im throwin in my support