View Full Version : "Compelete Technologist" project (gathering team)

2008-01-30, 11:00 AM
I would like to make us a project.
To make another "book" that will fit into the "complete" book cycle.
We got the warrior, advanturer, arcane and divine.
But where is technology in all this?

Many games include some sort of "Steam technology" or such that is side by side with knights, magic and dragons.

Why not DnD?

The general outlines of the book shall be:

-Mechanical races (not big)
--The Myr (MTG players should know.)
--The Awaken template (a sort of magicless revive/zombify, for these teams that have no clerics.), and rule of creating Awakens.

-Technological Base Classes:
--The Inventor. (a class that build all sorts of machines with great expertise, but generally more of a "let them use it" type.)
--The Combat Mechanic. (something like a space marine, but takes care to mkae his own upgrades to weapons and make his out ammo and such.)
--The Technoagent. (Making gadgets to make his life of a skillmonky more easy. the James Bond that builds his own toys.)

-Prestige Classes. (not quite thought out yet.)

-Technological skills and feats.

-Technological equipment:
--"Robots" (replacement limbs? full-living constructs.)
--"Computer" systems, trap, alarms, and codes.
--Guns, rifles, grenades. (and the needed new rules for them, they work ok fixed speeds and many are multi-purpose.)
--Technological aids. (nightvision goggles, lazer sights, jetpacks and other wierdling.)
--Rules for how to construct and use them all.

-Mechanical spells. (for technology-magic Prc's)

-Anything else that is a good idea the crew will have.