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2008-01-30, 02:08 PM
Note: This is a work in process, I still have some work to do... Thanks.

"'Don' touch my treasure ches', she says. You'll be dead a'fore ya know it,' she says." laughed BadLuck-Grumtuck as he wiped the blood from his hands on his pant legs. The half-orc bandit shoved a hand into his ruck-sack. "Well, le's jus' see wha' tha batty ol'bag was hiding here...' A quick pry with his trusty crowbar and the lock snapped. "What sorta gold is thghghghsthhsshshssakkkk...."


"Only two bodies sir, and no sign of anyone exiting." reported Niles the local investigator to the captain of the guard. "The first corpse was clearly Old Lady Larily, but the second was nothing more than a few yellowed bones of some half-orc... I assume by the size of what was left of the skull. I can't figure it out. No signs of magic, and the woman only looks three maybe four days dead, but I was here just last week, I would of noticed this...'

Molds are a terrible plague set on the world that Falta Voltare (The Monarch, of the Seven Nations, my homebrew campaign.) rules over.

A sort of psudo-magical death from nature. The magical energies of the world have been over used, and this is the beginning of the decay.

Any help, suggestions, or evaluations would be greatly appreciated.

A new type of poison/disease.

When a player makes physical contact with any mold, that player must make a fortitude saving throw. If that player succeeds then the mold does not take hold of the body, and is fought off by the immune system. If this throw fails, then the player takes initial damage as though it were a poison, without incubation period. Every day there-after the player must make another saving throw other-wise suffer the secondary damage. ( Which always stacks unless noted otherwise.) Two successful saving throws in a row indicate that the player has over come the mold and it is now neutralized, taking no more damage.Three successful saving throws in a row indicate that the player has fought off the mold and fully recovers

Mold contaminates different things, depending on the type and color of the mold. There are no doses, and mold can only be transfered from target to target via contact. Mold does not move, and will begin to starve to death in 3 days time. ( See starving mold below.)

All molds are treated as Contact and Ingested poisons for the purpose of contracting.

Although extraordinary molds exist, Mold-effects are almost always supernatural.

Unless otherwise noted molds need to be removed as both a poison and as a disease. The first treatment ( either treatment for poison/disease) neutralizes the mold. The second treatment kills it.(See Neutralized mold below.) Any effects that remove both poison and diseases completely kills mold.

Molds effect Oozes different than any other creature.(See Oozing Molds below.)

Any character working with mold has a 15% chance of being contaminated.
5% of this risk, is the same Risk that applies to poisons.
( So an Assassin, who has poison use, only risks a 10% chance of being infected with mold while working with it.)

Prismatic Molds.

Yellow Mold (EX) : Feasts on the Body. DC 20
3d6 constitution drain/ 3d6 constitution drain

This mold reacts at record speeds, and causes it's secondary damage on the hour, opposed to daily. Extreme temperatures kills yellow mold. Over 20 points of fire or cold damage in one blow kills all the yellow mold in the area of damage.

Things made out of organic material take 3d6/3d6 hp damage per 20 square feet of surface are covered in yellow mold.This damage ignores hardness and can effect Undead, Items, and Constructs.

Orange Mold (Su): Feasts on the Magics. DC 25
Drains 1d4 spells per day/ Drains 1d4 spells per day.

One afflicted by orange mold, loses spell-slots per day, starting with their highest level spells.
These spell levels per day are drained permanently, and can only be recovered by any effect that restores drained levels, except for bed rest. ( Spell levels are recovered at a rate of 4 spell levels per day for each level that would be recovered.)

Orange Mold cannot be removed by any magical means. This mold also ignores super natural immunities and resistances, as well as the racial immunities of Constructs, Undead, and Vermin, and Plants.

Any spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural effect that strikes orange mold will spread it around the area of the spell. Orange Mold also instantly stops any supernatural effect, spell, or spell like ability that targets or strikes it. ( I.e. Shawnoh the Wizard cast Fireball centered on the orange-mold covered Kobold Shaman. Orange mold would then spread in a 20ft. radius of of the Kobold Shaman, but the fireball spell would not deal any damage, further than spreading the mold.)

Orange mold also consumes all the magic from any magical item it touches in 1d4 minutes. The item itself is not destroyed, just the enchantment effecting it. (I.e. +1 longsword would be left a simple masterwork longsword.)

Green Mold (Su): Feasts on the Soul. DC 30
1,000 xp drain/ 1,000 xp drain.

Green mold consumes the very essence of any living thing it comes across with a wisdom, intelligence, and charisma score of 1 or higher.
Green mold ignores all resistances and immunities to poison and diseases.
However, creatures with spell resistance may attempt to resist it as though it were a spell. ( Green Mold's effective caster level is 20 )

Green mold is incredibly resilient and starves at half the rate other molds do, allowing it to last up to 6 days without 'food' before it begins to starve.

Red Mold (Su): Feasts on the Mind. DC 35.
+3d6 Intelligence[-20 power points permanent drain] /+3d6 Intelligence[-20 power points permanent drain].

Red mold consumes a creature's psychic energies, while increasing the the afflicted creature's intelligence. The mold's wastes actually encourage the growth of gray matter at an alarming rate. Treat this bonus to intelligence as an alchemical bonus that stacks with it's self. Though this is devastating to psionic energies, it seems as an amazing boon to wizards, rogues, and scholars. That is until the target's effective brain over-power's the space designated for it. Once a carrier of red mold’s alchemical bonuses to their intelligence is equal to or higher than their base intelligence score, the carrier’s head explodes, out-right killing the host ( If the host has multiple heads treat each head as a separately poisoned individual. If the host has no discernable head and an intelligence score, it still dies. ) Upon cerebral combustion, red mold is spread in a 15ft. radius from the afflicted creature's head.

Treat any psionic items that come in contact with red mold as if they were affected by orange mold.

Creatures with no intelligence score cannot benefit or die from Red mold, but they may carry it as permanently neutralized if they have any sort of minor nervous system.

Violet Mold: Feasts on the Memories?. DC 40.
Looking for Suggestions?
Skill ranks?
Class Levels?

Indigo Mold (Su): Feasts on the Time. DC45
Age 1d20 years/ Age 1d20 years

Deadly on many levels, Indigo mold will age whatever it touches. There is absolutely no immunities to Indigo mold. All things may carry it. The only way to starve Indigo mold is to keep it in an antimagic field. Creatures immune to all diverse effects of aging still carry Indigo Mold. There is no way to recover the lost years, and once a creature's time is up, it's over.

Items and Constructs suffer 2d6 damage a round while affected by Indigo Mold. Undead are actually able to evolve swifter, as per the rules of Evolved Undead. (Libris Mortis)

Blue Mold (Su): Feasts on the Fate. DC 50
-2 unnamed penalty to all rolls./ -2 unnamed penalty to allrolls.

After 10 failures to fight off Blue mold, a Character begins fading away, into nothingness. And begin down a series of steps into being forgotten. The target of Blue mold no longer suffers the penalty to rolls.

Step 1) Lose all Renown, and benefits of contacts, cohorts, animal/celestial companions, familiars, followers and other such helpers. People simply cannot remember your name. [ Target gains a +20 to all saves vs. Truespeech spells.]

Step 2) Lose all benefits from all Prestige Classes, and Faction Memberships, or Group organizations. Your name slips through the books, even your own party members may begin to forget you.

Step 3) Lose benefits of Feats, Skills, and action points. Even you begin to forget yourself. You no longer have a reflection, and have an inherent +20 to all hide/move silently checks. People sometimes forget you are even there.

Step 4) Become Ethereal, All ability scores are reduced to 3, except strength. ( Reduced to -). All languages are forgotten. Lose racial benefits. Move speed is now 30ft. Size remains unchanged. History begins to forget who you are.

Step 5) Vanish from the Ethereal plane. This creature is effectively removed from history. While nothing short of a miracle spell has the possibility to bring the target back, there is little means of even remembering who the spell is being cast for. [ An appropriate knowledge check DC 40 must first be made in order to recall enough scraps to call the person back.]

Other Molds.

White Mold Ex: Eats Mold.
Feasts on Mold.
+5 Fort Save vs. Mold / +5 Fort Save vs. Mold.

Though slow, white mold seems to be the most powerful of all molds. Every character attempting to study mold should have some handy. Each day that a character is infected with white mold and any other mold available, they gain a +5 unnamed bonus (that stacks) on their fortitude save vs. the other mold.

White mold has no effect on targets not infected with Molds.

White mold starves at twice the rate of other molds, and therefor is difficult to keep on hand.


Starving Mold: A mold begins starving if it has no consumable host. A dead host is only Consumable for 1d20 hours. ( You may modify these hours by the armor class size modifier of the host.) Every 1d3 hours after a mold has begun to starve lower it's DC by 5. Once the DC hits 10 it is no longer 'living', and is no longer effective. The mold lays inert for 1d4 days after it is no longer 'living', after which it will crumble to dust.

Neutralized Mold: Mold that has been treated for as a poison, or mold that has been treated for as a disease, but not both becomes 'Neutralized.' Neutralized mold ceases to have an effect on it's target, but remains on/in the target's system. For 1d6 days the mold remains inert. Each day after the first 1d6 the mold has a 10% cumulative chance of reacting with the target, and is no longer considered Neutralized

Oozing Mold:

Oozing Mold is an acquired Template that may be added to any ooze.

An ooze becomes and oozing Mold if it comes in contact with any mold.
This mold is referred to as the parent mold.

Size and Type: Remains Unchanged

Hit Dice and Hit Points: Remains Unchanged

Speed: Remains Unchanged

Armor Class: +2 Natural Armor Class

The Mold Hardens the ooze, making it more difficult to cut through, or bash apart.

Base Attack/Grapple: Remains Unchanged.

Attack and Full Attack: Remains Unchanged.

Damage Any characters attacked by an Oozing Mold's slam or ranged acid attacks are subject to a weaker form of the Mold that has infected the Ooze. Fortitude save vs. the weaker molds are (10+Ooze's HD+Con Mod). This save has a Parent Mold Bonus as appears below.

Brown: -2
Yellow: +0
Orange: +2
Green: +4
Red: +6
Violet: +8
Indigo: +10
Blue: +12

Space/Reach: Remains Unchanged

Special Qualities: Any character attacking an Oozing Mold with a melee weapon is subject to the weaker Mold. See Damage above. The weapons themselves are also subject to the weaker mold.

Base Saves: Remains Unchanged.

Abilities: Remains Unchanged.

Skills and Feats: Unchanged.

Challenge Rating: Increase as weaker mold modifier. ( Min +4)

The Mold Bourne:
Under Construction[/COLOR]

Edit: Made Yellow Mold Ex, Edited Red Mold, mildly. Indigo Mold has been modified.

Edit: Worked on Blue Mold. Added Oozing Mold Template.


2008-01-31, 12:34 AM
Looks pretty good, but why would the red mold give intelligence if it feasts on the mind?

Maybe the indigo mold could make anyone it infects older?

2008-01-31, 05:14 AM
Looks pretty good, but why would the red mold give intelligence if it feasts on the mind?

Perhaps it doesn't eat the actual brain, but rather the usually-unharnessed mental energies that psionics represents. It would therefore excrete chemicals that foster the development of increased intelligence - probably at the expense of its host's other ability scores - so that it'd have more tele-whatever power on which to feed.

2008-01-31, 05:19 PM
Strangely enough, none of these molds are the type that make damp basements dangerous.

2008-02-05, 05:51 PM
Perhaps it doesn't eat the actual brain, but rather the usually-unharnessed mental energies that psionics represents. It would therefore excrete chemicals that foster the development of increased intelligence - probably at the expense of its host's other ability scores - so that it'd have more tele-whatever power on which to feed.

I like this concept. The text has been modified as such. However I don't feel that the other ability scores need to suffer. I created this mold to be a risky boon, or a a more tricky trap, that hides in the bonuses.

Still looking for suggestions on Violet and Blue molds, if anyone has any.

2008-02-06, 01:26 PM
I think you just need to write up the exact pentaltys for the violet mold, but the ideas you have are pretty great. I would do feats then class levels and leave skills alone. Or do all three, could be funny.

Blue mold, if you want it to feast on fate and affect everyone I think would have to be mostly roleplayed and require work from the DM. Work becomes harder to find, less deus ex machina (no longer the fated champions?) maybe even renown goes down, you fade into obscurity. Which could be another interesting idea, people start forgetting about you!

2008-02-06, 08:41 PM
Thanks for the suggestion Riva, I think I've got it.

Hmm. Maybe I should go in a different direction with the Violet mold?
What else could be preyed upon?

2008-02-06, 09:22 PM
about indiogo mold, I can easily imagine an impatient wyrmling putting on himself intiill he's powerful enough to anitmagic himself.

Fiery Diamond
2008-02-08, 03:28 AM
A yummy slime mold.

I'm sorry, but when you talk about "molds" the first thing that comes to mind is Nethack.

Heh heh.

-Fiery Diamond