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2008-01-31, 10:30 AM
My mini system for an upcoming "tactical crpg".
The map is based on squares.

i know... i had a thread about this already... BUT i made updates (which i forgot to post) and that thread is dead.

so here it comes.

three prime abilities

STR - Strength:
Defines most of melee, physical and elemental protection, overall health and fortitude.

DEX - Dexterity:
Defines most of ranged, vital protection, number of steps per turn, evasion and reflex.

NRG - Energy:
Defines most of magic, magical protection, overall energy and will.

XXXm - XXX modifier (used in most cases)
where XXX is one of the prime abilities
(STRm = STR - 5; DEXm = DEX - 5; NRGm = NRG - 5)

XXXb - XXX bonus (rarely used)
the above zero part of the modifier.
(STRb = Max(0,STRm); DEXb = Max(0,DEXm); NRGb = Max(0,NRGm))

XXXp - XXX penalty (rarely used)
the below zero part of the modifier, please keep in mind that this value is NEGATIVE OR ZERO
(STRp = Min(0,STRm); DEXp = Min(0,DEXm); NRGp = Min(0,NRGm))

LVL - Level:
of course one of the most important things, it should have an effect (even if only a minor one) on each event which affects the character. its value starts from 1 (this might be obvious but there are systems which start at 0 and some other systems start levels on 5, don't ask me why).

XP - Experience Points:
goes from 0 to 100. when it reaches 100 then the character gains a level and the XP is reset to 0 (this means that experience must be gained relatively to the level of the character)

HP - Health Points:
the health status. When you're hp reaches 0 then you're dead. Dead characters can't act (in most normal cases) and they must be revived/resurrected to be able to act again.

EP - Energy Points (will be also referenced as Power Points)
in most cases NRG based skills use this as a pool so we could go at it as "mana". The number of maximum energy points will rise almost linear with NRG and Level.

ATK/Atk - Attack Rating
Based on either one of the prime stat MODIFIERs or the rounded down average of two prime stat modifiers.

DEF/Def - Defense Rating
Based on the rounded down average of STRm and DEXm plus 10. The Ability to deflect/block attacks.

EVA/Eva - Evasion
Based on DEXm plus 10. Used in cases when its higher than DEF or when using DEF has no meaning (like touch attacks).

DMG/Dmg - Damage
Mostly defined by level and the prime ability used for the attack. DMG itself defines the maximum ammount of damage one's "normal" attack can do to a character with zero protection with a perfect hit (you can do more with critical/skill and you will normally hit less because your opponents have defense and protection).

CRIT/Crit - Critical / Critical Chance.
A value which is always between 1 and 20. Defines your chance to do a "critical hit". Critical hits will be explained below at damage calculation.

HIT/Hit - Hit (hehe)
Defines how much damage/effect you do. Normally the damage you do is DMG * HIT / 20. NORMALLY.

PRT/Prt - Protection
How much of a hit can you take? It's like a 5% based damage resistance. A protection of 20 means that you can't be damaged by the damage type. BUT it can be reduced so you can be damaged again and critical hits might temporaly overcome it.

IMN/Imn - Immunity
Works like PRT 20 but it can't be reduced to a lower value and critical hits can't overcome it either.

Damage types
P - Physical : normal melee/ranged hit
M - Magical : non-elemental magic hit
V - Vital : life structure damage (bleeding, poison, sneak attack)
E - Elemental : hit by one of the elements

(So there are PRT-P, PRT-M, PRT-V, PRT-E, IMN-P, IMN-M, IMN-V and IMN-E)

These damage types can (AND WILL) have subtypes. Currently these subtypes are: P/piercing, slashing, bludgeonin/; M/dark, light, arcane/; V/bleeding, poison, organic/; E/fire, cold, lightning/.

Damage calculation:
and attack is made. ON ATTACK EFFECTS are applied
Hit = Atk + D20
if Hit - Def (or Eva) > 0 then it's a hit. if its equal or lower than zero then no other calculations are made.
if it's a hit then ON HIT EFFECTS are applied
a critical throw is made.
if (Crit > (20 - D20)) then it's a critical hit. (ON CRITICAL EFFECTS are applied)
if it's a critical hit then Hit = Max(20, Hit). meaning it can't be lower than 100% damage/effect.
if it's not then Hit = Min(20, Hit). meaning it can't be higher than 100% damage/effect.
if the defender is immune against the damage type then no further calculation are made.
else the damage done becomes (of course rounded down):
Dmg * (Hit - Prt) / 20. ON DAMAGE EFFECTS are applied.

RES/Res - Resistance
Each effect which results in a harming status modifier or instant death (and other effects of this kind) can be resisted. The basis for each RES is the LVL + the appropiate strength mod (so there are RES-STR, RES-DEX, RES-NRG). This is used against the Affecting throw.

STP/Stp - Steps
The number of steps (1 square = 1 step) a character can make each turn. 0 steps mean the character can't move. special move actions might consume more than 1 step.

JMP/Jmp - Jump
Defines the distance which the character can jump. Normally a jump uses 2 steps. Further explanations later.

SL - Skill Level
0 means the skill isn't learned and normally 5 is the maximum.

I'll add the updates on classes later. If you wish you can check the old version here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64902)