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2008-01-31, 05:53 PM
Initial wording below, might need alteration, not good at filling in all the holes of these sorts of things.

Benefit: You can alter a touch spell targetting a creature to effect multiple target creatures. The range is increased to Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels) and effects one creature/level, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart. A Mass Spell uses up a spell slot four levels higher than the spell's actual level.

I was considering the creation of a Metamagic Feat for a campaign that was based upon the "Mass Spell" effect that seems relatively frequent in spell lists in the SRD. Many other spell modifications (Chain, energy substitution) seem to be based upon variations of an existing spell and for the most part are of the equivalent level as if they had been modified with these Metamagic feats and then learned as a separate spell. However, with Mass Spells this changes inbetween the SRD and the Spell Compendium, which has a vast decrease in the spell level adjustment. While I originally intended to make the Metamagic adjustment 4 based upon the Cure Wounds Spells and "Animal Attributes" Spells. However, this goes down to only 2 for the Spell Compendium. There's also a tendency to have "better" versions 2 levels ahead, such as Mount < Regal Procession and Unseen Servant < Servant Horde. Which should be used for a homebrew feat, Spell Level + 4 or Spell Level + 2?

Also, what about personal spells? While only 1 of the Mass Spells is a Personal Spell (Fire Shield, Mass), would it be horribly unbalancing to convert them to Mass Spells as well, perhaps as at a higher adjustment or lower # of creatures (1 creature / 2 levels)?

SRD Spells - Difference
Invisibility - 5* (Special Restriction - when cancelled on one, cancelled on all, 180' from others)
Animal Attributes - 4
Charm Monster - 4
Hold Monster - 4
Cure X Wounds - 4
Reduce / Enlarge Person - 3
Suggestion - 3

Compendium Spells - Difference
Resist Energy - 2
Mage Armor - 2
Fly - 2
Contagion - 2
Fire Shield - 1* (Personal Spell becomes Touch Spell)
Snake's Swiftness - 1
Drown 2
Burrow/Swim/Snowshoes 2
Align Fang/Weapon 1
Death Ward - 4
Restoration - 3
Make Manifest - 2
Sanctuary - 4
Shield of Faith - 3
Aid - 1
Awaken - 3