View Full Version : Players driven plot in the city!

2008-02-01, 04:40 PM
I've been mostly railroading the group for the first few sessions, some things needed to happen to set the big plot in motion.
Now it's time for the players to create their own story. They will be coming back to the kingdom's capital, and I want to give them full freedom to do whatever they want. As the future quests will have them coming and going out of this city, there will be session driven by my stories and quests, and others in the city where the players will drive the show.

But for the players to be able to decide what they want to do, there must be elements with which to interact, opportunities to gain something, threats, etc... So how can I give them that? I need ideas! Things that can exist, events that happen that will prompt the players to do something and create their own story. I'm looking for ideas that don't need to be specific to my setting, so everyone can share, and I can adapt ideas I like to my setting.

But still, here is a resume of the setting... first, it's not a serious campaign. Not at all. In fact, it's Munchkin RPG. Which doesn't mean I'm only looking for silly ideas, but they sure can be! It's also a parody of our real world and society, so there are many modern concepts, but it's still medieval-fantastic.
To make it simple, the party will need to open some kind of business, which will be a front to hide what they really do. I'm almost certain it will be a bar. And as they are still poor, it will have to be in the ghetto. Gangsta drows live there, there are wars between street gangs, who will compete to gain control of the bar and sell drugs there, and the PCs may not like it. I'd like to make the PCs see different opportunities and problems if they decide to side with one gang or the other, but I'm not sure exactly how I'l do this...

I think I have enough for one or two sessions of players' story in the city, but I'll soon need more.