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2008-02-03, 04:06 PM
A prestige class for villains (or evils campaigns) who like to add in an especially morbid and painful touch to their kills. Might be interesting to use this as a villain that remains hidden for a time.

The Clutch of Orcus is a relatively weak spell occassionally used by those insane enough to worship the dark forces for which the it is named. Most move on to more powerful spells as they advance in power, but some enjoy the bloody suffering they can inflict with the spell, and place an emphasis on its use above all others. Such individuals usually emerge from evil cults and serve as rolemodel and teachers for future Claws of Orcus. They see the use of a spell bearing their master's the ultimate form of flattery, and an excellent tool for sewing the seeds of chaos and horror.

Allignment: Any evil
Skills: knowledge (religion) 8 ranks.
Spells: Clutch of Orcus
BAB: as cleric
Saves: as cleric
Skills: as cleric + disguise as class skill.

1. Tight Clutch (1d4), +1 divine caster level
2. +1 uses/day
3. Tight Clutch (1d6), Talented Clutch +1 DC, +1 divine Caster level
4. +3 Uses/day
5. Tight Clutch (1d8), Lasting Pain, +1 divine Caster level
6. Talented Clutch +2 DC, Multi-clutch, +5 Uses/day
7. Tight Clutch (1d10), +1 divine caster level
8. +7 Uses/day
9. Tight Clutch (1d12), Talented clutch +3 DC, +1 divine caster level
10 Unlimited Clutches, Fell Clutch

Spells: at every odd level, a Claw of Orcus gains spells/day and spells known as if she had gained a level in the divine spellcasting class to which she belonged before taking this class. She does not, however gain any other benefits of that class (such as increased ability to rebuke undead.)

Tight Clutch: A Claw of Orcus is especially talented at inflicting pain with their spell of choice. When using Clutch of Orcus, she deals the indicated amount of damage rather than the normal 1d3.

Skilled Claw: A Claw of Orcus may use the Clutch of Orcus the indicated number of times/day as a spell like ability (DC same as spells).

Talented Clutch: A claw of Orcus increases the save DC against her Clutch of Orcus spells and spell-like abilities by +1. This increases to +2 at 6th level, and +3 at 9th level.

Lasting Pain: At 5th level, the victims of a Claw of Orcus's Clutch of Orcus spells remain in intense pain even after making their saves against the spell, and may only take partial actions.

Multi-Clutch: At 6th level, A Claw of Orcus may affect numerous targets with his CoO spell or spell-like abilities, but casting and maintaining the second spell requires a concentration check equal to 10+target's HD.

Unlimited Clutches: At 10th level, a Claw of Orcus may use Clutch of Orcus an unlimited number of times/day.

Fell Clutch: Once/day, a Claw of Orcus may use the dreaded Fell Clutch against a single living target to which he has line of sight. The target must make make a Fort save (DC 10+ CHA modifier) or die. Three rounds after dying, the dead creature rises as a zombie under your control. The zombie counts toward the number of HD of undead you can control. If you can cast create undead or create greater undead, you may choose for the target creature to rise as the highest level creature you can create via these spells, but you do not automatically have control over these more powerful undead.

Please note that this was done in haste.