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2008-02-03, 06:05 PM
I'm trying to make a new world, obviously, it's my first try and I was wondering if I could get some advice, I'm deviating from the norm in a few places, i was wondering if I could get a bit of advice.

The world itself if one large continent with some islands of varying size to the southwest. In the center of the continent there is a huge mountain, dwarfing anything in the real world, the mountain itself acts las if its under a hallow spell, and seems to be rich in jewels, Most people consider it holy, this is supported by the fact that many of its animals are celestial or half celestial(they dont make up the majority, together they make up 30% and most live just under halfway up.), about 2% of the animals are also other outsiders, part infernal or something else, they get along fairly well but mostly the celestials and others keep to themselves, there is also a mountain range going down the middle of the continent, there are plenty of gaps so travailing from one side to the other isn't that difficult(there are 2 or 3 celestial animals on most of these mountains too).Another, denser cluster in the northeast end of the continent pretty much cuts off a section of land, populated by various monstrous humanoids(minotaur tribes, some types of giants being more organised,)

the north is mostly sandy desert, with a rocky patch in the northernmost end, towards the equator it turns to plains and a bit farther south it turns to hilly grassland, just before the end of the mountain range it turns to forest, getting thicker the farther you go.

The islands to the west and southwest are mostly dense untamed rain forest and jungles, there are a few settlements on the eastern end of the two largest islands, separated from the mainland by a strait, towards the south is mostly unexplored, but there is some vague knowledge of ruins on them (I'm planning on making these ancient alien crash sites, and yes you read that correctly). on the eastern sea I'm planning on making a huge whirlpool from some flaw in the worlds creation, or from some ancient magic item, the northers sea is featurless and home to merpeople and some aquatic monsters, though most of the bigger badder ones live in the rougher eastern sea(the one with the whirlpool), and a few species live in the strait separating the colonies and the mainland.

now to the worlds inhabitants, humans are the most common, elves and dwarves fill their generic-ish role elves living in the more untouched forests forests and dwarves live with humans and in some of the less inhabited mountains, goblinoids and orcs live in most of the desert, with a small country ending near the aforementioned big mountain, as well as the denser mountains having some tougher( a couple of levels) dwarves. halflings live in the rocky desert area mostly, sometimes trading with goblinoids and others. Outsiders like archons and demons(and to a slightly lesser extent) are common enough that few eyebrows, though a few questions to the more unusual looking ones(a bone devil would attract more attention than a eyrnies for example) or scarier looking.

there are four countries, the goblinoids(save bugbears) and orcs fought for a while to hold the desert, though the rocky bit is held by various nomadic groups, they have a single jungle colony, bandit groups made of bugbears and renegade orcs and goblinoids, this country and its inhabitants live in basic town, with one large capital city near the south, they're ruled by divine right with a hound(this one is signified as more important because he's a rare golden archon rather than red) archon picking someone to be his champion every generation, and a few nobles similarly with other outsiders.

the next country is a melting pot of most of the worlds humanoids with large cities and a territory stretching from the two or three jungle colonies to the mountains lattitude wise and grasslands to the forests longitudes wise.

next is a mostly human feudal country, led by a strict caste system ranging from slaves from various wars to a the lavish living nobles, they beliee that might makes right and anything taken is theres, they have a clear set of laws with harsh punishments for criminals.

lastly is the smallest country, in the thickest part of the forest with a good amount of drow(some of these drow have monkey tails, I'll get to why later),

in regards to gods I have a few thought out a god king with a missing eyer(LG), his wife(NG), their son(CG),(N). the kings evil twin(CE), his daughter(NE), and her husband(LE), the Chaotic Evil and Lawful Good gods were the first, fighting constantly, thats how the good one lost his eye, eventually they each created beings to help them, the good gods won, killed the CE gods wife and cursed the survivors, the leader(CE) was mutated to drider form(he mutates the occasional guy, theres a random drow gene resulting in tails, and every once in a while a drider), the NE goddess became a drow, as did her husband.

the evil gods weren't pleased and created a destructive entity, this guy makes a few cuts, but manages to be weakened until they were able to contain it, they held it beneath a field of magic orbs(each plane is an orb in the void), and created come collosal magic spiders to weave a web between the orbs to trap it, they stay there to this day maintaining the web.

if you want me to better explain something post and I'll answer as best as I can, and yes I realize the function of the world resembles that of the oots world

almost forgot how the classes fit into the world:

fighters and warriors commonplace, acting as soldiers, bodyguards, mercenaries, bandits and other physiclly demanding roles, barbarians can fill a few of these roles

rouges act as spies, more bandits, thieves and other things

clerics fill spiritual needs

rangers and druids, and most barbarians act as guides and special military units when needed in their native areas, such as the deserts and forests.

there are monasteries throughout the first and second countries, and a few near them

wizards, adepts, and sorcerers act as special blasters in the military, as well as advisors, libraries for larger cities(wizards), or in theaters making special effects if they need fairly easy jobs.

paladins are a bit softened, due to the nature of the usually "evil" beings(see below), but they still work around finding and bringing to justice evil where they find.

bards travel around, mostly collecting tales and stories, and songs and performances of course.

psioic beings are also not unheard of, working in various jobs.

I guess most of the conflict comes from the militaries, and the reason I created this world was because I wanted a place that deals in less extremes, there are evil demons but there are also good demons, angels and archons(like those in goblin, hobgoblin, and orc nobles) can be corrupt with power.

if I need to expound on some things or rework something fine, I decided to leave everything vague so it could be changed more easily...:smallconfused: