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2008-02-05, 01:52 AM
((Warped Magus is a PRC I'm working on right now. I was thinking I'd submit this piece of fluff and see what people thought.))

Warped Magus

The apprentice stared at his master, horror gripping the place where his heart should be. His breathing came fast, hard; it was a struggle to take in every breath. His master cackled maniacally, and bolts of pure, glossy darkness shot from his palms. The other Wizards screamed and burned as the glossy darkness lit their skin alight without heat, spurned them without flame, and caused them to shrivel and decompose in the same way a fireball might. Spells flew like bright confetti around his Master, who continued to laugh insanely as his hands shaped foul Eldritch design. One palm over another, his top hand with fingers straight, pointed at the ceiling, and his bottom hand, with the fingers curved like foul talons. The remaining Wizard across the room, trying with all his might to stop his Master, screamed in primal fury and erected another powerful barrier against magic. Then he paused, academic confusion dawning across his face. “What spell is this, you monster? What tome have you drew this from?”
His master continued to laugh, and tendrils of pure, undiluted darkness, glossy and defiant of the nature of light, shot out. They pierced every orifice of the Abjurer’s face, going in his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. He was locked in silent screaming as he fell to one knee, and then he was very still for a few seconds. My master lowered his hands, triumphantly. The Abjurer stood then, and I thought, just for a single, traitorous second that someone might be able to destroy my master. My master continued to stride forward, no longer laughing, but not watching either. I couldn’t see his expression anymore; he had his back turned to me, hood pulled up. The Abjurer snarled, and began incanting again. He then paused, mid incantation, as he looked at his hands. They were covered in cold, black blood. He reached to his nose, and it rushed down from his ears, his eyes, his mouth, his nose. He died coughing as more and more blood rushed from him, like a river, making a slowly expanding pool across the floor.
My master spoke to me then. It was a voice I will never forget, a face seared into my mind for all of eternity. The voice had a wet tearing sound, like a blade being dragged across a human torso. “We are done here, my apprenticeeee…done, as these mages are done…but not as these mages are….for we are living…for I am powerfulllll….and now, only….moreeeeee!”
I resisted the temptation to scream in fear, my face now paling as blood drained. How could I possibly think my master human after such an act of magical eldritch powers? How could I think he had remained unchanged by the magic that he had loosed, by the damage he had inflicted on the very souls and mortal coils of those who had opposed him? My voice a mere whimper, I could only ask a single thing... “My master, are you well in fare?”
My master turned, and presented the face that I shall remember for all of eternity. His face was a pale husk, drained of all color, Undead in quality. His hair had sunken into his scalp, vanishing and leaving a head of skin so taunt that it seemed it would rip. His ears had elongated and tapered, becoming more similar to my half Elven ears. There were no lips; a fold of taunt skin had grown over his mouth, leaving the lips and mouth visible, but covered. An Eldritch symbol covered that taunt flap of skin, unspeakable; I felt fear sweep my mind like a cloud when I saw it. Worst of all, however…were his eyes. There were pits…and coming from those pits, two black tendrils, three feet in length, alien and terrifying. They were the final aspect of his dehumanization. I screamed.

2008-02-05, 01:59 AM
Just a note, but this should probably go in Homebrew. Or Arts and Crafts.

Other than that, it seems good. I can't wait to read over the PrC.

2008-02-05, 02:00 AM
Sweet, if you're still on in about an hour ((that's how long I think it'll take me)) I'll have the PRC up. Then you can comment on balance/flavor/fluff/design and whatnot.