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2008-02-05, 05:10 AM
If you want, I can write up way more fluff ^_^ I liked writing my other fluff on it!
See below for Pre-reqs
Warped Magus

Spells: Must be able to cast 4th level Arcane Spells, and must be able to cast Dominate Person, Animate Dead, Phantasmal Killer, & Detect Magic.
Feats: Must have the Eldritch Soulessness*, Horrific Eldritch Shadows*
Skills: Must have Knowledge (Arcana), and Knowledge (Religion)) 8 ranks.
Special: Must have happened across the tome “Teachings from the Warp”* and spent four weeks of dedicated, uninterrupted study of which, without dying or going insane.

• = discussed after PrC details are listed. I don't have the time to work out details of the Book or the Feats RIGHT now, but hearing your thoughts is appreciated.
Here is the table/chart/ghetto conglomeration of facts
HD: d4
Skills/level: 2 + INT modifier
Skills: same as Wizard
Saves: Same as Wizard
Casting Progression: Gains an additional level of spellcasting every even numbered level.

1st Beginning the Descent, Eldritch Conversion
2nd Eldritch Ritual
3rd Defenses of the Insane
4th Eldritch Ritual
5th No Longer Human
6th Eldritch Ritual
7th Eldritch Feastings
8th Eldritch Ritual
9th Eldritch Assimilation
10th Finality of Inhumanity
And here are the class ability descriptors
Beginning the Decent:

Your minds reels in horror at the power released upon you as you sit in the Eldritch pentagram carefully drawn into the floor of your study. You sense a great power…power trying to flow into you! You reach for the power, but there is a barrier between it. You realize that your own mind is foolishly trying to defend you from something that would make you too powerful to need defending. You shatter your own mind to allow the power to come to you.

At 1st level, a Warped Magus drops down to a Wisdom of 6, or takes 6 points of Wisdom damage, whatever makes his Wisdom lower. His Wisdom cannot be dropped below one in the latter case, and he becomes utterly immune to Wisdom damage gained from something other than Warped Magus class abilities. His Wisdom cannot be restored, by any magic, divine, godly, or epic. You gain a +4 Profane bonus to all Intelligence based skills, however.

Eldritch Conversion:
Your mind already shattered, you move on gleefully to the next ritual, feeling power coursing through your mind, keen insights that eluded you in the inhibited days long past. You mutter the final words of power and include the final symbols, and your body writhes, coursing painfully but pleasurably in Eldritch power. You look at your face in your mirror, and see that you are no longer recognizable for who you once were.

At 1st level, the Warped Magus realizes that his body, as is, will fail miserably at conducting Eldritch magics properly. He employs magical pentagrams to infuse his body with Eldritch magic and thus allow himself to conduct it more easily. His face begins to go immensely pale, and his eyes turn completely black, losing iris, pupil, and cornea. His skin stretches taunt, and fatigue courses alongside him as his body tires from holding in the Eldritch powers. The Warped Magus takes a -2 to Con, and a -10 to all Wisdom based skill checks. The Warped Magus gains Darkvision out 60 feet, Detect Chaos/Good/Evil/Law at will, & Detect Magic at will.

Eldritch Ritual:

You have progressed into your studies, rereading the same text you’ve reread thousands of times these past weeks. Suddenly, it makes sense; meanings that elude you have become clear!! Each word was a sentence, a hidden parable. It doesn’t matter what it was; now, though, only what it is! And what it happens to be is the power to destroy your enemies outright if you are willing.

At 2nd level, you learn the first Eldritch Ritual. Horrific Eldritch Metamagic allows you to alter existing spells to gain some benefits of Eldritch power, but that’s laughable compared to entirely different spells. The first of these Eldritch Rituals is the spell Eldritch Night. Eldritch Torrent takes up a single, permanent slot in your spellbook, which you can use for no other spells. It cannot be affected by any Metamagic feats. It does 1d8/spell level, has a range of 100 + 20 feet per level, and ignores spell resistance and damage reduction, and doesn’t miss. Enemies struck with the spell wilt and wither, and receive 2 points of Charisma damage every time they are struck. For example, Daesarrin, an Elven Wizard 7/Warped Magus 10, has Eldritch Night as a 5th level spell, and thus it does 5d8 damage per cast.

Defenses of the Insane:

You walk the halls of your Guild, and pass by a fellow Wizard who you knew in the days where you studied inferior strains of magic. You have gone through great lengths to conceal your bodily alterations under thick robes enchanted to shadow your features. When she asks what you’ve been doing in your study, you respond with stony silence and a hard look. She gives a small gesture, and you feel a Charm spell slide off of your mind, untouched by the weak, lesser magic. You give a toothy smile as she clutches her temples in horror, shock and revulsion clear on her face. So be it; she was too weak strive for power as you have.

Your mind is shattered, something that makes it unsuited for a great deal of magical, mental assaults. Spells that affect ‘humanoids only’ that allow a will save have no effect on you. If someone casts a spell that allows a Will Save on you, the caster who cast the spell on you takes a -6 to Wisdom and Charisma as their minds wither and waver from contact with your mind.

Eldritch Ritual:

Dozens of rereadings, spurred by the success of your first Eldritch ritual, are performed. You could recite the text, front to back, without stalling or slowing, without hesitation, yet the meanings elude you. You’ve very nearly given up, and you go back to your pentagrams of Eldritch infusions, and, in basking in the raw Eldritch power, find the meaning of the text! Another spell comes to you, this one yet another sign of Eldritch superiority over normal magic. The spell is, in fact, named, ‘Eldritch Superiority’ with good cause.

At 4th level, you learn an Eldritch spell called, ‘Eldritch Superiority.’ It is a 4th level spell with a range of close. Upon being cast upon another subject, the most recent spell cast on them with the target of ‘self’ is cancelled, continuing until all spells are removed. For example, Daesarrin casts Eldritch Superiority on Mylee, who has cast Protection from Arrows, Resist Energy (Fire), and Invisibility. Invisibility was her most recent spell; Daesarrin, who guesses her precise location, fires off Eldritch Superiority, and Invisibility is ended. Next round, Resist Energy (Fire) is ended, followed by Protection from Arrows.

No Longer Human:

The bodily deterioration – no, alteration, as you have done everything but deteriorate, increases in its pace. There were no Eldritch pentagrams this time; the change came unbidden. A cold, frightened part of you realizes that in your readings, nothing about the pentagram causing further alteration – deterioration? - was mentioned. You realize then that you have stepped too far down the Eldritch road; body blistering with power, you embrace the nightmare as your new life.

At 5th level, your body further alters, becoming more and more inhuman. You are fairly sure now that if you stalked the streets without disguise about you, you would be stoned. Or at least, someone would attempt to stone you – it’s quite likely that you would simply make a gesture and destroy them utterly with Eldritch power beyond all of their feeble reckonings. Your eyes have left you, becoming empty sockets; to compensate, you gain Lifesense out to a range of sixty feet. You can sense the very life forces of those who approach – as for the rest of the world, for whatever reason, you can detect it simply through force of will. You feel at your weakest, but yet, most powerful; you gain an additional -6 to Con, a -20 to all Wisdom based skills, and a +12 to all Intelligence based skills. In addition, you gain immunity to spells that require you to be of certain type – you are simply without type. Baleful Polymorph (requires humanoid) and other such spells all fail equally against you. In addition, you gain a +4 Profane bonus to your Intelligence modifier.
Eldritch Ritual:

With further alteration coming to your physical form, you find more insights touching your mental status. Things that lower mages around you, whom you walk amongst disguised, seem to be oblivious to. Your spells leave your hands with more force and impact, and are less easily resisted. Determined to put this newfound brilliance into play, you go into a fevered study of the Eldritch pentagrams of the Book. And, with less frustration, more ease, another spell occurs to you. You cast it, and can only laugh in sheer, maniacal pleasure at the results…

At 8th level, you learn the spell Eldritch Doomflame. It is a 6th level spell that has a range of close, is affected by spell resistance, and requires a touch attack to hit. It lasts for a number of rounds equal to ½ the class levels of the Warped Magus. Every round, it does a number of hit point damage equal to the maximum amount of hit points of the creatures hit dice. For example, Daesarrin, Wizard 7th/Warped Magus 10th casts Eldritch Doomflame on Torek, Human Ranger 10. Every round, Torek takes 8 HP in damage, as he has a d8 HD.

Eldritch Feastings:

Your new form is unshackled by normal limitations, you realize. You no longer *need* to eat, sleep, or have water. Breathing and having an operational heart seems to be important, but that’s basically where the similarities between whatever you were and whatever you are after giving yourself over to the power of true magic ends. You realize you have a new need though; you have a need to feed on the carnage and suffering you cause to enemies through your spells. You can’t simply dish out the Eldritch magic and let it remain on the world, after all; even to allow residual magic to remain would undo all of your hard work and share your secrets with the undeserving. So, after you let out your magic, you take it back in…with benifets.

At 7th level, you gain the ability to feast upon the carnage and death caused by your Eldritch Magic. Every time you kill someone with your Eldritch Ritual Spells, you gain a number of temporary hit dice lasting for a day/2 Warped Magus class levels equal to 1/4th of slain opponents HD. Optionally, you can forfeit this temporary HD bonus to regain use of a single spell that you just cast. Or, however, you can use the magic to exude a Fear effect, causing everyone within thirty feet of the person killed by your spell to make a Will save equal to 10 + damage dealt or run in terror. You can choose any of these three effects upon killing with your Eldritch magic.

Eldritch Ritual:

You are nearly done reading the book of Eldritch magics. So close to mastering your Dark Art, so skilled in that which normal mages wouldn’t even dream of. The current magical ritual, ironically, has a great deal to do with your physical state, and you realize why your flesh has stretched tighter and tighter; to make a thinner barrier for your spirit. You learn the 7th level spell Astral Possessor.

At 8th level, you gain the spell Astral Possessor. It has a casting time of one day; at the end of which, however, your spirit glides free of your body, leaving it to sit unabated and comatose in the last position you were in. Your body cannot respond to attack or move. Your spirit, however, can go anywhere else on the same plane, travelling with a move speed of 400 feet per turn. The spell lasts for one day/two Warped Magus levels. During this time, you can attempt to possess the body of any creature with an Intelligence score lower than yours. If you attempt to do this against a creature that has a score greater than yours, you fail automatically. A creature you are attempting to possess can apply spell resistance to block you. Doing so does not force you back into your own body. Failing that, they then get a Will Save, which, if they succeed, does force you into your own body, ending the spell. The save DC is 12 + Warped Magus level + Intelligence modifier. If they fail their will save, they have one last attempt to drive you out, and you and the creature you are trying to possess make opposing Intelligence checks. The one with the higher score wins control of the body. If the Warped Magus gains control in this fashion, the Warped Magus can use the body to the fullest extent for the next 24 hours. During this time, the Warped Magus sees, feels, hears, and otherwise experiences the world through senses available to the creature he’s possessed. At the end of the 24 hours, the Warped Magus is cast back into his own body, and cannot possess the same creature again for the next week.

Eldritch Assimilation:

At this point, you are no stranger to causing pain and death with your Eldritch talent. It’s like breathing – perfectly natural. If they could not stand in your way, they deserved to die. Yet…that is no longer satisfying for you – to see their withered corpses alone. You must say that you have conquered their very spirit…and so you shall.

At ninth level, whenever you slay someone through your Eldritch Ritual spells, they must make a Will save with the DC of 10 + Warped Magus class levels + INT modifier or be absorbed into your mind, crushed. You gain all the memories, languages, Knowledge, Craft, Profession, and Perform skills of the spirit and it’s previous body, but nothing else.

Finality of Inhumanity:

Humanity is such a fragile, needless state of existence. You prefer…you’re not sure what you prefer. You don’t know what to call this; all you know is that you are finally free, completely and totally, from all that was wrong about you as a human.

You become an Extraplanar Outsider, Neutral Evil, of the current plane of existence that you are on. Doing so, you gain all the extraplanar traits, in addition to the following:

• Your eye sockets fill with a long tendril growing out of each, and you gain a Wisdom drain attack out to a range of ten feet. Each successful attack drains 2d6+2 Wisdom, as you impart your insanity on your victim.
• Your mouth is covered by a taunt flap of skin, etched with Eldritch pentagram, and all hearing you speak within 30 feet must make a DC 15 + INT modifier Will Save or be struck with Fear.
• You become immune to poisons, shape-altering, mind control, charms, ability drain, death effects, and all other immunities associated with both Undead and Constructs, except that you are still vulnerable to precision damage, and thus, critical hits & sneak attacks.

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When you say that the Eldritch Ritual spells take up one spell slot in your spellbook, do you mean that you lose one slot of your spells per day permanently to the spell, or do you mean that you lose one of your spells known per level to that spell? Also, if you meant the first, does that mean that it can only be prepared once per day and only in that slot?

2008-02-05, 12:13 PM
Spells known is the answer; you lose touch with other magic in exchange for Eldritch might.

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Could I get some more commentary on this before it's forced off the page and I have to perform the vile act of thread necromancy?