View Full Version : what to do with 6000gp

2008-02-06, 10:32 PM
I'm trying to figure out what I should do with 6000 gp... I'm a +1 thundering greatsword wielding Barbarian level 4 / Druid level 3, who dislikes shields and armor (got that feat that transfers AC to to-hit... Storm Trooper is what its called i think) since I'm pretty much guaranteed to get hit anyways. Going for the "primal death fury of nature" angle, my character is something of a minimalist when it comes to equipment. Also, I don't really have any magic items, except for my sword, which has special significance, and im not trading.

My current plan is to sharpen all 6000 into improvised shuriken. or buy a +2 belt of giant strength, which i sort of find useless since i now have bull strength as a spell. We are playing 3.5, and sticking to the core books.

Any suggestions? handy wondrous items you've been successful with? hilarious weapons that would help me get the most blood out of the filthy scum i'm destined to annihilate?

2008-02-06, 10:37 PM
Maybe peripapt of wisdom+2 or inscence on meditation. Something to keep in mind once you have more cash is a monk's belt. For 13 grand it gives you a +1 untyped to AC, decent unarmed attacks and most importantly for a druid your Wis bonus to AC.

2008-02-06, 11:24 PM
I always like Blindfold of True Darkness. Unlimited blindsight 60ft out? Okay, if you insist.