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Thanatos 51-50
2008-02-08, 06:54 AM
I'm DM'ing a pretty much core-only PbP on these boards, and Ig et a charecter who wants to play a NG Cleric with the War and Travel domains, and wanted to actually worship a God.

So, I took those domains and slapped them together into a classic "Wandering Warrior", and strung a simple story together in my mind. There was a mortal, wandering warriorwho adventured his way into GodHood.
I, for some unknown reason, split him into Five Seperate Aspects, one for Each of the "Goods" and one for each of the "Lawfuls"
I submit him here to you, Playground, for your critques.

Feel free to insult the spelling.


the Wanderer is said to have ascended to Godhood, himself, the soul of a noble, wandering warrior, forever searching for a challange to raise his blade against, skillied in numerous forms of combat, and Protector of those in Need. The Wanderer comes in a total of Five Aspects, each reflecting a different facet of faith:
The Wanderer's domains are as follows: Travel, War, Protection

Aspect of the King:
This is The Wander's city-bourne aspect, where he began, often associated with the newly indoctrinated into the faith, this aspect nevertheless has a number of powerful preachers, as well as the largest numbers amongst all aspects. The Aspect of the King is Lawful Good and favors the Flail
Disciples of this Aspect may also take up the Healing Domain.

Aspect of the Stone:
This is the Wander's aspect more commonly associated with Dwarves. Legends revolve around the Wanderer first striking out on his own in the mountainous regions of the world. Associated with the brutal power of Earth and the Mountains, acolytes here may take up the mantle of the Earth domain, as well.
This aspect is Lawful Neutral and his favored weapon is the Warhammer

Aspect of the Blade:
All true Heros go through a trying tim in their existances, and the Wanderer was no different. Obsessed with the powerful Blade-work he was learning, this Aspect represnts the period of the Wanderer's life where only the disciplined were worth anything, and all others deserved Death. Most preachers see this Aspect as a warning to never again emulate a philosophy. Unfrotunatly, there is a seperate group which believes the opposite. This brief spat was the Truest of the Wanderer's Trials, and hence revre and seek to follow him.
This aspect is Lawful Evil and Favors the Greatsword. He grants the Destruction domain. This is by far the least populous discipline, and there is an open animosity between them and the remainder of the Church.

Aspect of the Sands:
Shortly after tasting Evil, it is said that the Wanderer cast both it, and his Orderly ways aside. Returning to champion the Cause of Good, he often rode out alone, at the forefront of battle, nearyl sacrifcing himself multiple times. This aspect is most popular in the desert regions, where most of the battles were fought. It is said that here is where the Wanderer acheived his legendary skills, and first laid hands upon the Spark of Godhood.
This aspect is Neutral Good, favors the Scimitar and grants the Fire domain.

Aspect of the Pauper
This aspect is rumored to exist in the few years between the Wanderer's "Sand" phase, and his ascent to Godhood. Here, it is said that The Wanderer worked withing the walls of the corrupt, piercing their hearts with elegant flashes of steel, and bringing harmony to those of the City. Unlike the Aspect of the King, the Pauper was intentionally vieled. Some skeptics believe that the Wanderer ascended to Godhood directly after the Sands, and the Pauper was simply another mortal performing deeds in the Wanderer's name. Nevertheless, this sect has a place - albeit a preciptous one in the Chruch of the Wanderer. This aspect is Chaotic Good and favors the Rapier. He grants the Trickery domain.

2008-02-08, 07:10 PM
Look good to me but are clerics of the wanderer not able to take the respective alignment domains?

Thanatos 51-50
2008-02-08, 07:15 PM
No, and there is a reason:
I didn't want to give any sigle aspect more that four domains total. There are three "blanket" domans, and one "unique" domain per aspect.

That and I'm not fond of the granted powers for alignemtn domains.

2008-02-08, 07:27 PM
The concept of a single deity with different aspects is really good and way better that the bunch of different deities that we get from the manuals. The different aspects are good, but they are a little too different from each other, even for the flavor text.

I suggest this: make three different deities, each one with different aspects, slightly differing in alignments.
A "good" deity, based on people's professions or social differences, and use aspect of King and Pauper, adding more aspects, like one for the merchants, one for the wise... (the Wanderer is a good name for this deity)
A "neutral" deity, based on nature elements or zones, using the Stone and Sand aspects, and adding one for the Air and one for the Water domains.
An "evil" deity, rapresenting people vices or disgraces, using the Blade aspect and adding some aspects for diseases, greed, catastrophes, dark knowledges...

Every aspect has different alignment and different domains granted to his followers. You can also add relics, holy wars, crusaders, religious factions...
Anyway, this is just a suggestion, this deity and his aspects probably fits better in your campaign in the way they are, and they are already good.