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2008-02-10, 12:38 AM
Feat, General
Prereqs: Dodge, Combat Expertise
Benefits: The PC may choose to forfeit a move action in his next action in order to gain a bonus equal to his BaB to his AC.

A fighter may take this feat as a bonus feat.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

Paragon Badger
2008-02-10, 12:44 AM
Neverwinter nights had this as a skill, where you could activate it, and you were unable to attack, but you'd make a skill check vs. the enemy's attack, and it would deal no damage if you succede. You'd get an attack-of-opportunity if you beat it by 10 or more.

I recall you could parry as many attacks as you were capable of, as well.

Eh, just something to consider. :smalltongue:

Pardon my terrible wording... It's late and I don't feel good. >_<

2008-02-10, 12:56 AM
Maybe you should change this so that when using total defense you gain AC deflection bonus up to your BAB in place of +4.

2008-02-10, 12:57 AM
It sounds overpowered but since its for the fighter it could be over looked.

2008-02-10, 01:23 AM
It sounds overpowered but since its for the fighter it could be over looked.

That is why I suggested what I said.

2008-02-10, 01:39 AM
Parry is basically total defense but has a potential to be better. It could write that it doesn't stack. Or if you want to go with a little fluff what you said is fine.

2008-02-10, 04:53 AM
Makes a lot of sense as a feat (I've never seen a fighter don't try to parry in an actual combat.)
But I think it should be changed. As it's written is like an Improve Combat Expertise, and It could be too powerful. If you have more than an action and an high BAB you can easily parry almost everything in your first action and have another attack too that could easily be boosted.
Change it into a bonus deriving from the weapon size, since it's easier to parry with a greatsword than a dagger:
+1 for light weapon
+2 for medium weapon
+4 for two handed weapon.
A fighter does still have to forfeit his next action.
If you do it in this way, maybe change the feat prerequisite too: just put Dodge in it.

2008-11-19, 11:48 PM
I don't think it's easier to parry with two handed weapons. In fact, it's likely more difficult. Parrying means you have to swing around a larger mass into an appropriate position.

Also, don't forget strength checks, disarming parries, counter attacks... there's a few things to consider.